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does anyone out there know much about Southern Pacific in the lenders market? I would be grateful if anyone could recommend them.

-- (, February 18, 2001



All lenders are as good as or as bad as each other, they all have the same goal.

Its the deal you are looking at, (I presume you are looking for refinance), make sure the scheme you are offered is right for you and you can afford the repayments.

Most important, read and understand the Terms & Conditions and any Spaecial Conditions that are attached.

Remenber, there are many lenders out there still keen to do business even in the "none status market".

A point of note:- If the interest is debited monthly rather than yearly (most none status lenders use this method)the net result can benefit the borrower but if any payments miss the results can be crippling so make double sure you can afford to keep up with the payments.

All the best

-- Bryan Turner (, February 19, 2001.

I had a morgage with southern pacific for 12 months untill I got back on my feet,I had never heard of them until the broker refered me to them and then I was not aware they were for people who had problems in the past, one thing I can say in my opinion if you can avoid any insurance with them as it cost me close on four grand in insurances which is tag on to the morgage also recently they have become part of btittania building society

-- nicola (, February 20, 2001.

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