Ponchartrain Crossing

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I am planning to add this to my HO layout. I just bought a house and a building 60 feet long. Any info on this or the area would be appreciated. Any one else do this? Am I Crazy?

-- Stevan Boyd (Stevanboyd@juno.com), February 18, 2001


Stevan--all model railroaders are cray so you're not in this alone. Sounds like you have a large enough building to model anything your heart desires. I suggest you take a look a the article that appeared in Model Railroader a couple months ago on the model railroad version of the line that island hops all the way down the Florida Keys since it is an even bigger undertaking than Lake Ponchartrain. You may want to do some selective compression but it sounds like a nice setting for some train watching--Larry

-- Larry (ljpuckett@starpower.net), February 18, 2001.

The tracks cross the lake from Slidell, LA to New Orleans. From the north headed south US-11 runs next to the RR bridge (east side) until the draw bridge then turn away (third photo). The first Photo is the south shore, the next is the "Southener" north bound just before the draw bridge. These show the old wood pile bridge the two bottom show the new concrete bridge (1990s). The state plans to close US-11 for repairs in June 01. I'll have a chance to get some pictures then. Any other info feel free to contact me.


-- James Endler (JLEndler@BELLSOUTH.NET), March 23, 2001.

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