What information do you have about the 1988 Kodiak Brownie?

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I am doing a project for history class on the 1980's. What we have to do is make a realistic newspaper about things that happened in that time. For our technology part I wanted to write an article on the Kodiak Brownie that came out in 1988. Is there any information you can give me? Thanks. ~Melissa Boroughs

-- Melissa Boroughs (meljean15@hotmail.com), February 17, 2001


1988 Brownie?

Hi Melissa,

As far as I know there wasn't a Brownie that came out in 1988 however there was one that came out in 1980 as an anniversary to the founding of Kodak (Not "Kodiak"). There is a listing for this camera on The Brownie Camera Page(www.browniecamera.com). From the first page click on the link called "The List and Descriptions of Brownie Cameras" and at the bottom of that page you'll find "Anniversary Brownie".

Good Luck

-- Chuck (chuck@browniecamera.com), February 17, 2001.

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