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My online problems on Wed. were explained to me in this way by my service provider:

"At approximately 1:00 pm on February 14, 2001 our Technical Services Department began to notice a severe decrease in web accessibility that was affecting all clients. After our in-house systems were confirmed to be working at peak performance, we began to investigate further to our upstream provider.

At about 1:25 pm we posted the issue on our website; at this time it seemed that the problem was affecting more than just us, although no confirmation had been made. By 2:00 pm we were able to actually confirm that the loss of connectivity was affecting most of the north western coast of North America, resulting in a loss of approximately 50% of the web. It was later determined that a major router in Seattle had failed, resulting in the loss of service. It was not until 6:00 pm that the issue was finally circumvented by directing traffic through an alternate route.

We apologize for this inconvenience; full service was restored on Wednesday night."

I wonder if the Seattle router has been repaired. And, of course, I wonder what the problem was.

-- Rachel Gibson (, February 16, 2001

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