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A QANTAS 747 was forced to make an emergency landing at Bangkok airport following reports of an engine fire, it has emerged.

A statement released last night by Qantas chief executive David Forsyth said flight QF1 returned to Bangkok airport 20 minutes after take-off after indication of a fire in the aircraft's number four engine.

Mr Forsyth said the captain followed standard operating procedure, shutting down the engine and activating two extinguishers.

Upon approach, the aircraft dumped fuel before landing in Bangkok without incident.

None of the 287 passengers aboard was injured in the drama early on Wednesday morning.

Hotel accommodation was arranged for the passengers while a replacement 747 was flown in from Sydney.

Preliminary inspections by Qantas engineers indicate the fire warning was caused by a "hot air leak".

The stricken plane will return to Sydney without passengers, and is expected to arrive later today.,4057,1716154%5E421,00.html

-- Doris (, February 16, 2001

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