2/15/01 I love Dick Strawbridge!

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I'm a fan of Dick, Bowser and all the other regulars in the GB series. Last night I commented that Dick is just a helmet and moustache! While I enjoyed the US version of Junk Yard Wars I find the older series in England far and away more enjoyable. The reasons I think I like it more are these:

1) Doesn't seem to be as much 'salting' of needed pieces in the junkyard. Looks like they really are making something out of nothing. Finding 'the correct motor, compressor, plastic' etc. that is clean and ready to run just ruins the whole concept for me. 2)Robert's humor and observations seem genuine and not pre-scripted. 3) More attention to the planning stage and the building stage.

-- Debbie in Washington (debeyman@prodigy.net), February 16, 2001


Hey! *I* love Dick Strawbridge! Up till now, I hadn't told anyone but my husband, but I have a huge infatuation with that man! Don't know what it is exactly, but he is so cute!

-- rhonda (mxrs@zianet.com), February 16, 2001.

I actually think the show has matured and gotten better over time. The third and fourth series are more confident, focused, and entertaining than the first two.

You're wrong about the seeding. Did you notice that in "Siege" the teams just happened to find dozens of meters of really nice nylon rope? In "Power Pullers" did you notice the two perfectly pristine engines just sitting on the ground with their transmissions intact? The teams did not even need to pull them out of cars. The "Sub-Aqua" show had somewhat less egregious seeding, but they did manage to find 15 or 20 meters each of really nice pressure hose.

The seeding has always been done, and I think it is just fine.

-- Rick Tyler (rick@raf.com), February 16, 2001.

Ditto for the GB vs US series.

BTW: I am in no way trying to bash Americans...

Here's what I don't like in the US series: - Seems like the teams have an easier time finding/building (Car with working V8 parked right in front of the workshop anyone?) - No more day-long search for a car batery (Lurch!!!) - Engines always work. Almost. - Robert isn't the co-host. George's one-liners don't do it for me, he is getting better though. - Stuff's to squeeky clean. Just look at the dragster and buggie from the US series compared to the GB series'. - Not as many cartoon explanation. Not as funny too.(3 beefy guys with moustaches = Strawbridge brothers. That picture was priceless!) - The N.E.R.D.S. were not in it. They Rule! (so does Dick, Nosher and Bowser...see below) - Personality of the contestants: (might just be the editing) - Dragsters: Chicago Fire vs Texas dudes. You want both teams to fail miserably. Can't stand all that howling... - I expected the rusties to be funnier. They were pretty OK compared to the young guns.

The only teams that you could root for were: the Long Brothers and Art Attack. Love'em! Long bros. cleaning the workshop, Art Attack painting every single contraption. Just priceless!

-- Frederic Kam-Thong (fkamthong@hotmail.com), February 16, 2001.

And a big sloppy kiss for you...! And a big loppy kiss to Cathy from Dick. Now that was funny!

-- Frederic Kam-Thong (fkamthong@hotmail.com), February 16, 2001.

I agree about the sloppy kiss and all that was hilarious.

-- Sarah (sarmil6@hotmail.com), August 14, 2001.

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-- Thomas Terlouw (master_of_vengeance@hotmail.com), April 13, 2004.

Hi there Dick, how are things, i cant believe you are reading up on a web site titled 'I love Dick Strawbridge'. Ah jealousy is a terrible thing! all the best, Jonathan.

-- Jonathan Beyer (jon_beyeruk@yahoo.co.uk), May 02, 2004.

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