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I was surfing thru a photographic formula website when I came to a page describing the formulas for "high definition developers". What is a high definition developer exactly? And what are the equivelent manufacture trade names available?



-- xosni (xosni@gega.net), February 16, 2001


I also want some feedback from those who tried FX-1 or FX-2 developers before; what films do you think are more suited for this type of developers? How do you compare it to rodinal or dk-50?

-- Xosni (xosni@gega.net), February 16, 2001.

the best answer for you question is to get the film developing cookbook it will tell you everything you ever wanted to know and alot you did not -J

-- josh (devil_music@usa.net), February 26, 2001.

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