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From Tess: The reason given accordingly in the news article is a "health hazard" due to water and sewage.....I don't post news like this, usually go for the "bigger" stuff.. lol, but this one caught my eye and I feel so sorry for these people..

State Evicts Dozens From Trailer Park

Thursday February 15 11:15 PM EST State Evicts Dozens From Trailer Park Many Think Reason Given Is Bogus

More than a dozen people were ousted from their homes Thursday as the deadline for their eviction arrived.WLWT Eyewitness News 5's Brian Hamrick reports that many of the residents at the Hillside Trailer Park are now homeless.

"I've got to put my stuff in storage and live in the car with my dogs," ex-resident Kevan Turner said. "I got three dogs I've got to live in the car with." Turner lived in the park for seven years.

Hamrick reports that the state has determined that the water and sewer system in the trailer park poses a health hazard. But some residents think that they are being kicked out because Big Bone Lick Park has bid on the land.

"What's a poor man going to do?" resident John Klette said. "Ain't a damn thing he can do."

-- Tess (, February 15, 2001

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