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I am looking to create our own internal printshop capabilities instead of being reliant on Kinko's (even though they do a great job). What I am looking for is a laser color printer (not solid ink), which is low maintenance/running cost, prints full bleed at fast speed/quality output.

Does anybody have any suggestions? What we are looking for is a printer that a professional printshop would consider buying. My budget for this is $12,000 (I realize that a regular color laser can be four to six times cheaper than my budget). I am looking for recommendations for an actual printer rather than vendor leads.

-- Mark Zorro (, February 14, 2001


While there was not any suggestions for the question I posed in February, for those that might be interested, the printer that has caught my eye is the Phaser 2135 from Xerox. It is a single pass printer, an incredible 21 pages per minute in COLOR!! and 26 PPM in black and white. Has a duplex option and also an option for collating multiple copies. The only downside for me is that it prints to a margin of .2 or 5mm while ideally I would love to have a printer that can print full bleed as well.

I have left myself a window open just in case there is a last minute alternative available and will probably be purchasing this printer at the end of September. So if there are better suggestions than the Phaser 2135, I am still interested in hearing them.

Finally, as a favor to the cell coordinator of the Istanbul Company of Friends, I invite you to visit their group and make a contribution in their discussion pages. Tayfun, who is the group coordinator is an extremely bright guy who is very determined to make his cell succeed, so any contribution you make to show support what he is trying to do to build his cell membership and discussion group is most welcome. If you are a COF member, go to the "Visit Other Groups" option and click down the list for Turkey and Istanbul. You will find the Company of Friends option on the home page under "Community".

Anyway, should there be anyone who can suggest a better printer in the meantime my thanks to you in advance to them for the suggestion posted here.

Mark Zorro

(Note "Mark Zorro" is a pseudonym I use on-line for personal reasons- it is derived from the term "Mark of Zorro". The handle was also chosen because Mark is also a shortform for my real name, which begins with the first two letters MA and ends with the last two letters RK).

-- Mark Zorro (, August 05, 2001.

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