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Rodinal is charachterised by high degree of edge sharpness; but it seems that some films respond better to rodinal. My last PXP in rodinal 1+50 came out with fuzzy edges; in the mean time delta 3200 @1600 came out with great edges! Why? How can I augment edge shrpness of my negatives?

-- xosni (, February 14, 2001


Xosni, Are you sure about what you're looking at? At ISO 1600 and higher shutter speeds and apertures are usually more confortable allowing some improvements on sharpness, independent of what soup is in use. I suppose that a fair test would be shooting the same situation using the same stuff and, of course, a solid tripod. Try it and tell us what you see. Cesar B.

-- Cesar Barreto (, February 14, 2001.

I was using small tank.

-- ahmad hosni (, February 17, 2001.

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