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It's a long story, but in short my partner jointly owns a home with her ex-husband which she no longer lives in and has not done so for over a year (living at her mothers home with their two children without any support for them from him). Her ex-husband is still living at their house with his girlfriend, but will not pay the mortgage! My partner wants to sell the property, but he does not and seems to want to deprive her of any money from a potential sale. My partner tried for a time to pay the mortgage even though she was not living at the property, but could not keep up the payments. Obviously the solicitor knows of the circumstances and my partner also recently obtained legal aid. A court date has been set at the end of March to discuss matters and hopefully force the sale of their house. However, this morning she recieved a letter from the mortgage lender informing her of a warrant for repossession of the property on a date at the end of this month (February 2001). What can she do to stop this from going through?

-- Adam Temple (, February 14, 2001

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