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What affects do surface gravity, atmosphere, and temperature have in the formation of rocks. For example on our moon the gravity is very low, there is no atmosphere, and the temperature ranges from boiling to especially frigid. Do the rocks and minerals form differently because of these conditions, or is the fundamental process still the same. Would the weaker gravity keep certain kinds of minerals from forming? or in a larger world world certain rocks/minerals be prone to forming because of this condition?

How much do these things influence the creation process?

-- Rob McRae (, February 13, 2001


Scientists can learn how certain life forms thrive in harsh environments on Earth and relate that research to other planets. For example sandstone and lichens live in temperatures of -45 degrees Centigrade. Ice fields about 2,500 meters deep and 200,000 years old contain viable yeasts. This information, and an article explaining how scientists hope to learn about other planets by studying our own, can be found at

-- Kelly Wirth (, March 26, 2001.

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