Anybody know wher I can find a used Hydra-drill? : LUSENET : Countryside : One Thread

Looking for a used, but in working order, Hydra-drill well drilling outfit. Any leads would be appreciated.

-- Wayne in Kentucky (, February 13, 2001


I bought a used one about five years ago, very similiar to the Hydra- Drill, thinking I would need to drill a well but haven't used it yet, if I buy this land I'm working on I may never use it as there is a well. It was cranky but functioning, I'm sure it need some cleaning and tinkering on the engine. If you don't find something better e- mail me and we can discuss it; maybe even 'rent it' if you only need it once or twice, might not be worth buying it.

-- Rod Perrino (, February 15, 2001.

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