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I m looking for some information about it for a work at Uni, especially on the main different subjects of the novel. Thanks for helping.

-- Jill (, February 12, 2001


David Meakin has written a great little book (available from Uni of Glasgow I think - anyway the details are in my my review of it.


Vian: L'Ecume des Jours, by David Meakin

Glasgow Introductory Guides to French Literature 38 University of Glasgow French and German Publications 1996 Series Editor: Geoff Woollen (French) Modern Languages Building, Glasgow g128QL, Scotland ISBN 0 85261 528 0

Books on Vian for English readers are so rare that their authors seem always obliged to "start again" introducing Vian to a readership where his is virtually unknown -- an indication of the virtual obscurity, at least to English language readers, of this celebrated French author.

-- robert whyte (, February 13, 2001.

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