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I have recently bought a huge roll of 35 mm film (90metres). On the box there is written: Polypan F Professional, 50 ASA, ISO, 18°DIN, Polystar, 90 metres, made in EU.

My question is: Do you think that this film is made by Ilford. There are no signs on the perforation (on the sides of the film). I have developed that film in FV-3 (20C). It seems to me that this film is too contrast for me. The next interesting thing is that the unexposed parts of the film are totaly clear after developing. I used to develop Delta 3200 and the results of the unexposed parts were completely different - a little bit darker not clear as the Polypan.

Does anyone know enything about this kind of film? Is it made by Ilford? Any suggestion for the developers and developing bath times?

I appreciate your help

Jan Jedlicka Czech Republic

-- Jan Jedlicka (janjedlicka@atlas.cz), February 12, 2001


I have just received a message from my friend who told me that this film is made by Polystar company. Does anyone know anythig about this company and their film production?


Jan Jedlicka Czech Republic

-- Jan Jedlicka (janjedlicka@atlas.cz), February 12, 2001.

I just had a thought after responding to your other post. I've never heard of a "Polystar" company, but are you sure the label doesn't say "Polyester"? I'm only asking because polyester is a film base, and alot of times manufacturers will list whatever the base material is on the film box. Just a thought, I could be completely wrong here. Are you actually shooting with this? If so, how do your images look, when you say "too contrasty"

-- DK Thompson (kthompson@moh.dcr.state.nc.us), February 13, 2001.

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