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You may have seen my services listed in the "Who helps" section of the site, I offer the service of auditing mortgage accounts for people, checking for overcharge etc.

I wonder if anyone could help me?.

I have difficulty obtaining historical interest rates/General Terms & Conditions from lenders, they don't want to give out such information for obvious reasons but I could produce even more accurate results if I had that information for each lender. You may have the information that I need in your mortgage files perhaps?

It would be of great help and advantage to us all if we share certain standard information such as:- Mortgage general conditions, Society rules & Interest rate histories.

I have already on file information relating to certain lenders but I am sadly lacking info on others.

If you are willing to contribute, please contact me on phone/fax 01484 680432 or via e-mail, you could save someone from despair.

Thank you

-- Bryan Turner (, February 12, 2001

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