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-- Tom Thackrey (, February 12, 2001


7 December 2002

Dear Mr. Weston,

First off, I just want to say your grandmother Kim has a voice that that can be as sexy as a razor going through a pair of nylon stockings one moment (like in "Love Me All The Way") and, the next, can split your heart open like a machete cutting a cocoanut right in half with such a deft precision you really can't see it coming (like in (my very favorite) "Just Lovin' You"). She's also demonstrated she could hold her own with her duet with Marvin Gaye in "It Takes Two." The very first time I heard your grandmother sing was when I picked up an album called the "Motortown Review, Vol. 2" for $1.99 at the old Belscot Store in Kankaee, Illinois in the early 1970s. It had Mary Wells, Matha and the Vandellas, Little Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, and Marvin Gaye as well as the (as they were known around Motown Corp.)the "no-hit" Supremes. However, let me make clear that your grandmother's voice came through loud and clear and I wore that record out like nobody's business! (By the way, if you can tell me where I can get a CD of that particular album, I'd be forever in your debt; believe me when I tell you that "Just Lovin' You" ranks up there with the most heartbreaking song of all times, along with, say, "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" from "Dreamgirls.") Tell your grandmother, thanks, and God bless her!

Sincerely, Charles Patrick Abell, Brownsville, Texas 78520

-- Charles Patrick Abell (, December 07, 2002.

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