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The Carolina, Atlantic & Western Railway was organised sometime in 1914 to consolidate various roads making up the Seaboard’s Hamlet-Savannah freight line and then completed the last 57 miles into Charleston. According to Prince, this company’s name was changed sometime in late 1915 to “Seaboard Air Line Railway Company” and shortly afterwards absorbed the ‘old Seaboard’ in its entirety. I would be grateful if anyone has any dates or details of this. Thank you.

-- Stephen Dale (, February 10, 2001


This is covered briefly in Prince's book, pages 89-90 and following. It's another tale of corporate juggling, the main aim of which is to make reorganizations easier. It's like leasing a railroad for 99 or even 999 years- not QUITE the same thing as buying it outright! Or the Rio Grande buying the Espee and taking on the name of the property it bo

-- Larry Brennan (, April 09, 2001.

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