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Tordon is an herbiced that is used a lot in our area that has a half life of seventeen years. Apparently, it will pass right through an animal - if you use the manure to fertilize your tomatoes, your tomatoes will die. Composting won't even get rid of it. Although sunlight will.

Generally tordon is re-applied every few years. I wonder if the animal eats the grass after it has rained if the manure will still contain tordon. Or, is the tordon carried through the plant from the roots?

-- Paul Wheaton (, February 10, 2001


Response to Tordon in manure

I am a cattle farmer. I give other cattle farmers enough credit to know not to graze livestock on fields on which herbicides have recently been used. Even if some should still be on plants grazed, the amount in the manure would be highly unlikely to affect any garden plant even if used as fresh off the pasture or out of the barn, which normally isn't done anyway.

By the way, thank you for breaking up your questions into individual threads. That will help make the archives more searchable on these topics.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, February 10, 2001.

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