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Dear friends,

My name is Latuff, freelancer cartoonist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, involved in national and international political issues since 1990. Voluntary supporter of resistance movements, where the main goal is self-determination and freedom. An example is my artistic support to the Zapatista Movement, which can be seen at

Due to the arbitrary removal of my pages from the Internet by a U.S. free host service company, I decided not to have a personal web site anymore. I am creating a mailing list specifically to share my controversial art with people of the world.

Once subscribed, you will receive ONLY new released images (cartoons, illustrations or photos) saved as low resolution GIF or JPEG files (for easy downloading by email) followed by captions, and short notes about my recent works. High resolution versions are available by request. You will NOT receive messages from members of the list or any kind of non-artistic related information.

You are free to forward or reproduce it for educational/informative purposes on web sites or paper version publications (proper credits are highly appreciated). Your email will be NOT informed to anyone, and you can request unsubscription anytime.

If you have any interest, please, reply to this message and I will add you to Latuff's Art mailing list. My email is:

Questions, suggestions, comments and criticisms are very welcome. Don't forget to inform any change on your email.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Very best regards,


"May my art be a louder speaker for the cries of justice"

-- Carlos Latuff (, February 10, 2001

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