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I would like to know the procedure for using this meter. I have just picked up an older model that uses a 5.4 volt battery which has been modified to accept newer cells. The meter has the 4 x 5 adapter and attaching it to the camera is straight forward matter but beyond that I could use some help. How are readings taken? Do you need to 'reset' or activate the meter in some manner? How do you use the F.S.V. scale? (Is this similiar to the zone system?)(Are any on-line manuals available?) Thank you for sharing your experiences.


-- David Carney (, February 09, 2001


I read the info in the earlier post about "FSV" and am assuming that my meter is not functioning correctly. I receive a dial reading of FSV 16 regardless of a change in aperature when I follow the directions. Will assume this to be a battery problem. Sorry for the repetitive posting and thanks for the help.


-- David Carney (, February 09, 2001.

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