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Please can anyone help? I am worried sick - have just been informed by our lender that they are starting legal action for possession proceedings today. How long have we got to come up with a solution? What time span are we talking about to get it to Court and then how long afterwards before we have to leave our lovely home?

-- (, February 09, 2001


Go and read the section about how to handle arrears and repossesion.

-- Chris (, February 09, 2001.

Whilst all are justifying what Chris,s answer was-perhaps we should agree with Chris and read first as the orginal answer from Chris -is there not 4 s,s in Repossession not 3.Perhaps yes I agree if one as read the site this would be no problem?

Charles Twford

-- charles twford (, February 11, 2001.


Who's the lender and what did the lender actually say? Have you been issued with a summons (a writ) or has the lender 'just' threatened you with one?

What have you done since posting this message, and what stage are you at now?

There is a lot you can do, but please do give us the information we need to help you.

all best.

-- Eleanor Scott (, February 12, 2001.

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