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They started rerunning ER on TNT with the first episode. Man, everyone looks so young, especially Carter.

I'm on the lookout for Carol's wedding try to Tag - was there actually a wedding scene or was her leaving him at the altar just get implied?


-- Catherine O'Donnell (, February 08, 2001


Response to ER on TNT

Yes, there is wedding scene. It is in the episode "Everything Old Is New Again". I'm pretty sure that was the season finale for season 1. It doesn't actually show him running from the alter, but a scene at the wedding with Carol and Tag talking and Tag deciding that Carol doesn't love him enough. Then it shows the reception afterward - which Carol attends and Tag doesn't. BTW, Carol looked really beautiful in her Wedding dress.

-- AJ Bloomfield (, February 08, 2001.

Yeah, it was kinda weird...everyone's all at the church, the bridesmaids, Rachel as the flowergirl, and Carol's all like, OK we're ready, and the priest says yup, now all we need is the groom. Carol found Tag sitting on a bench a little ways from the church, and he said that Carol doesn't love him as much as he loves her. Then we see Carol sitting in the church crying, and who should show up, but Doug. He cheered her up and convinced her to go to the reception. When Doug inqured if the reception was still on, she said You know my family...what's a little humiliation when there's free food and drinks. It was a really nice little scene. Out in the reception, Carol danced the Tequila with her uncle and gave a speech thanking everyone who helped her throughout the past year.

-- Kimmy (, February 08, 2001.

Thinking back to the first time I saw this ep -- did anybody else feel a slight twinge of annoyance when Doug and Carol started laughing about how boring Tag was? Not a lot -- I never thought, "oh Carol, Doug, I hate you" - - but just a bit. It seemed petty of them when Tag had just had his heart broken.

-- Sarah (, February 09, 2001.

I wasn't annoyed at all. In fact, I thought it was cute. Doug was trying his best to cheer her up, and she was trying to put on a brave front.

-- Phyl (, February 09, 2001.

I think Carol was realizing that Tag's decision was the correct one, actually. Carol had come off a horrible relationship with Doug, and a suicide attempt, and this whole relationship and wedding with Tag is an attempt to prove to herself, her family and friends and especially Doug, that "my life is going swimmingly, exactly picture perfect, the way I have it in my head that it's supposed to be like." I also think Carol started out with a lot of "shoulds" in her head. I'm not certain if her mother put them there or not. (I call this phenomenon "letting people 'should' all over you.") But anyway, the long and short of it was this: Tag wasn't buying it, and neither was Doug.

Carol was talking about Tag's little foibles, Doug added "boring" to the list and Carol was saying "God, he was dull." She was admitting to Doug that she really didn't love him all that much. Tag was a nice guy, too, so it was kind of sad, but nice guys who get the girl don't make for dramatic television. C'est la vie.

-- S. Trelles (, February 09, 2001.

I liked that Doug said that Tag was boring and Carol agreed with a deep chuckle. Sometimes we have very candid moments with old lovers who can see through the act we put on. I think Doug is also implying that while going out Doug the philanderer was hard on Carol, being with a dull guy, just to be with a guy, is not necessarily going to make her any happier. I thought Carol's agreement showed that she could be honest with herself in front of Doug (a nice testament to their bond), and also showed her sense of humor, which in that first season we didn't get to see that much of.

-- (, February 11, 2001.

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