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Hello all, I have a very general question concerning the town of Milledgeville, GA and the CoG. Within the town itself I have noticed very little ROW and wonder if NS still operates through here. I am interested in modeling the GARR/CoG from Camak to Sparta and then on to Milledgeville. Can anyone provide any information or refernces to the line, such as what division Milledgeville lies within and how operations with the GARR were? Any and all help is greatly appreciated and have a good one, Justin May

-- Justin May (, February 07, 2001


Justin, from what I here from my friend that works for N.S. they still operate local jobs 7 and 8 through Milledgeville. These jobs go oduty at Brosnan Yard and run out the Savannah line to M&E junction where they head north towards Milledgeville. The line is in service to Eatonton, GA. Also you might want to check out the old C of G depot as it is still standing next to Milledgeville siding. I have seen N.S. work equipement and the Sperry car tied up here before. N.S. lost the coal contract for Plant Harllee to CSX. Milledgeville is on N.S.'s Georgia Division under the Eatonton District in the timetable. On the CSX side the line from Camak to Milledgeville is covered under the Atlanta Division. The former Macon Road ends three and a half miles south of town. This line sees mostly coal traffic to Georgia Power at Harllee. Coal comes from the Corbin, KY area down to Atlanta and over the Georgia Road and also down the former SCL from Spartanburg, SC. The crews come out of Augusta and return home the same day. As for operations during the GARR period I highly reccomend Bob Hanson's book mentioned in the earlier post. I hope this information helps and let me know of any other happenings on the GARR or C of G side that you might find out. Justin Dzan

-- Justin Dzan; Louisville, KY (, July 30, 2001.

Justin: Bob Hanson, in his "History of the Georgia RR" gives a bit of info of Ga RR/CofG operations in the Milledgeville area. Apparently, there was a good deal of 'street' running by the GaRR on White St and Wayne St. (the latter used to reach the state hospital) A deal would later be struck to allow Ga RR crews to use CofG tracks to reach the hospital. The GaRR wanted to build a branch to the site where Ga Power plant Harlee was being built in 1961. The Central fought against this because it thought its turf was being invaded, but the Ga RR was finally given rights over the Central's tracks to reach the plant site. In April of 1965, the Ga RR was abandoned south of Milledgeville, but the portion between Camak and plant Harlee continues to see coal traffic over the old 'Macon Road'.

-- Greg Hodges (, February 09, 2001.

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