Due to my husband's job loss two years ago we have fallen into arrears with our mortgage as we have had an agreement with the lender to pay interest only for about a year until we were in a better position. All the time we were on benefits from DSS they were happy with that arrangement but now we both have low income jobs they are threatening repossession unless we pay off the arrears almost immediately which is impossible because we've only just had our first payday. We are really distressed about repossession and don't know which way to turn. It makes you feel like chucking in your jobs and going back on benefits so they will leave us alone. Any help please?

-- (, February 07, 2001


Sue, There's no really enough information here for anyone to comment in detail. - can you now pay the 'normal' mortgage now you are both employed? - your message says you paid interest only for 1 year, but what happened in the other year (did you pay anything?) - did you have any mig-type things in place. Any insurance? - when you say they are threatening repossession, what exactly do you mean? Have they written or phoned? What options did they give you?

If you can pay the full whack of the mortgage each month (even if from now) they will have a pretty slim case; if you can pay them the mortgage plus (even) 5, my guess is that they will go away. It's not in their interest to repossess and have to sell, and these people usually follow their own interests.

Finally, I would talk to the CAB at this stage.

-- Andy Turner (, March 12, 2001.

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