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Any advice on the following, especially the questions at the end would be gratefully appreciated:

A brief summary. Since October 13th 2000 I have been in contact with a debt agency and a solicitor acting on behalf of the Royal and Sun Alliance. Various requests for info and documents have been sent and mostly ignored. The MP, Bob Russell, became involved on 9th December and wrote to the companies concerned and has now received very brief and very blunt responses. The contents of these as on the whole as expected and a reply will be sent. There is, however, one statement that must be addressed as if it is true then I have somebody impersonating me or they are lying.

The RSA state that following letters from July 1998 until 25th May 1999 (presumably (I have asked) returned not known etc as I was not resident at the address they were sent to nor had the occupants ever heard of me) I telephoned the debt collector on 21st June 1999 and said ‘I was seeing my solicitor to seek legal advice’. I HAVE NEVER MADE ANY CALLS TO ANY OF THE PARTIES INVOLVED IN THIS MATTER AND DID NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT UNTIL OCTOBER 2000.

My questions:

1) Should I write to the RSA and ask questions about this allegation as I have never had any direct contact with them? 2) They are either lying in the letter to my MP or there is someone pretending to be me so should I, if a tape of the call can be obtained, attempt legal proceeding on someone? 3) Should I do nothing and write to no one until they contact me? 4) Has this, or something similar, happened to anyone else?

Please feel free to e-mail me direct if you want even if it is for more information.

-- Matt (mattyc@ntlworld.com), February 07, 2001



Have you served a SARN on RSA? If they're like other companies I've SARNed, it will have a database telephone log.

But I take your point. How do you prove you have *not* made a phone call? I suppose the ball's in RSA's court to prove you did make it (which you didn't, so it can't prove you did. I doubt anyone impersonated you. I would imagine there might have been a mistake by RSA.) You could argue that RSA have screwed up processing your data and ask the Data Protection Commissioner to investigate?

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), February 08, 2001.

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