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Product and/or project management are not consistently and frequently referred to as disciplines in comparision to other freelance titles such as copywriter, html/asp web developer, graphic artist, flash developer etc.. I am contemplating going solo under the heading of this discipline(s), specifically in the technology/Internet solutions space. I am curious if there is a vibrant market for an aggressive, experienced product/project manager type such as myself? Or does the breadth and grayness of the product/project management discipline make it a more risky choice as a freelance pursuit? I look forward to hearing from whomever might have direct insight into my conumdrum or links to useful research sites. Thanks.

-- Dan Moyers (, February 05, 2001


I never tell others what they should do especially project managers, because a major competency of a project manager is the confidence to able to tell people what they should be doing and make sure that all resources and timelines are thoroughly managed. What I provide here is just one answer, an opinion that is mine which is open for you to consider or reject. What I can say is that if you examine the kind of opportunities highlighted at contract sites such as or - freelance project management gigs are listed.

Most well paid project management consulting is usually a part of a wider consulting project - so your competency may be as a change management consultant or a work process consultant and the company might ask you to take charge of a particular project as an external consultant - so think bigger about the services you wish to offer.

Yes the majority of freelance project managers are based in the information technology area and in my opinion, just seeking freelance PM gigs may be risky on two counts, the payback might not be as high as you want and it is a risky move if you don't plan to have that wider consultant focus I discussed above.

Also I have assembled a link of PM research sites, articles and links that may be of interest to you, copy this URL to your address bar :

Whatever you eventually decide to do Dan, Good luck in all your efforts.


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-- Mark Zorro (, February 06, 2001.

Hi Dan. I am in a similar discipline to yourself and do my work on a contract basis for the orgs I work for. I provide solutions at a higher level, coordinate the resources required to complete the deliverables, and carry out some of the technical work myself.

My suggestion is to freelance your services to consulting organizations that need people with your skills. For example, I have experience in systems design, dev't and implementation. There is a lot of work with consulting orgs and all you need to do to stay "freelancing" is to work for them on contract. The best of all worlds.

Other's feedback appreciated too. Mathew

-- Mathew Rossi (, April 24, 2001.

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