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Just wondering; if a certain developer is supposed to give a speed increase of one stop, does that mean - if I had an ISO 100 film that I would set the light meter at ISO 200? and then develop for the normal time for that film?

Thanks, Jerry

-- Gerald G. Gilbert (, February 05, 2001


First of all, don't just blindly believe what's printed on the packaging.

The developer I've come across that gives the most speed increase is Microphen, and that's only 2/3 stop. Many others (Acufine, T-Max, Xtol etc) only give a 1/3 stop boost.

Developer manufacturers may obtain a "speed" increase by recommending development that results in higher-than-normal contrast; this is otherwise known as pushing and doesn't significantly increase shadow density. The effect is usually the opposite; blank, empty shadows and high contrast.

Developer manufacturers may obtain a "speed" increase by simply assuming that a 2/3 stop or more underexposure is acceptable and you can simply print on a higher-contrast paper. This is usually known as "rescuing an underexposed neg."

At any rate, to specifically answer your question, set the meter at EI 200.

-- John Hicks (, February 05, 2001.

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