Why do artists choose to work in Public places?

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As the subject line suggests, Why do artists coose to work in public places? Are their historic links and backing as to why they do, and why do they desire to place their work in public spaces?

-- Joe Wheelwright (J.L.Wheelwright@ncl.ac.uk), February 05, 2001


for many reasons: visibility. real world experience and connection. media attention. career expansion. as a means to an end. take advantage of marketplace for public art. to work in collaboratoin rather than isolation. Historically, artists have gone where the money is, or for religious or spiritual reasons (such as naiives and visionaries). Artists have used public space to send messages and reach audiences directly, rather than hope for a receptive audience in a private space. when artists have something to say they look for outlets, venues, and audiences that come with them. Graffiti goes back to early roman times when news was scratched onto stone walls in town centers for people to share information. There are no rules for public artists. They can write their own job descriptions. Work with anyone, anywhere, using almost any material. What happens more often than not is the reality of compromise and negotiating bureaucracies hinders or intimidates artists, and other creative, sensitive individuals. Hmm

-- jack becker (reynoldsgirls@earthlink.net), April 18, 2001.

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