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I have often used this site as a reference point over the last year and wish to thank everybody, especially Lee for the excellent advice. I have one final question before my last hurdle. I have been sent a letter stating that they "would be willing to accept a small one off lump sum payment to clear your liability with regard to this debt" and "I would be happy to accept in full and final settlement of this loss". I have had no income for the last 4 years and the bank caught up with me just over a year ago regarding a supposed shortfall of 17000+, I decided to stop hiding and told them that I had no money and they agreed to leave me alone for a year unless my circumstances changed.I moved during last year, but two weeks ago I took the bull by the horns and wrote to them to tell them where I was now living, but stated that my circumstances had not changed and they came back with this proposal-I have made no offer of any monies and the amount they are requesting is very small (I'd rather not give exact amounts or details of the bank at this stage)-what I am asking is when I pay the amount (which I have decided I will do)-do I need any special documents/specific wording on any correspondence to them confirming I will pay? I have read all the archives and am a little concerned over the "full and final settlement" queries on success story 4. There is no mention on the bank's letter of "without prejudice" so would I be safe from them if my circumstance change in the future?Urgent replies would be most appreciated.Thank you.

-- Michelle Rogers (, February 04, 2001


Glad to hear that the site has helped.

Can I suggest that you make a 100 (or whatever) donation to the Mary Ward Legal Centre (details in the Free Help!! section) and ask Ahmad Butt to give you some advice on wording this settlement.

Michelle, if you email privately with the name of the lender I will tell you if they are underhand or not.


-- Lee (, February 05, 2001.

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