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Just some info has a house price index form on it's site, you type in the details of the latest valuation(the dates do go back quite a number of years) and where the house was located-you can then request an up to date valuation (again at any given date) which may give you a starting point when trying to work out if your house was undersold-or if you are going to be repossessed and want some confirmation as to what price the property should fetch. This is quite difficult to explain, if you're interested go to the "site index" on the right hand side of their homepage and look for "House price index".This is obviously a rough valuation, but may help someone hopefully.

-- Michelle Rogers (, February 04, 2001


Thanks for this.

You can also do this on

You simply type in the property's postcode and the site will give you an average price for various types of properties, based on recent sales figures.

Here we go with mine:


Bought in 1991 for 18,500

Valuation of flats in that street, in 2001: 29,058

Sold by N&P in 1995: 1,300. (Yeah, the comma is in the right place.)

I'll check it out on that Nationwide site too. It all makes for interesting (and motivating) reading!

-- Eleanor Scott (, February 05, 2001.

I've used the Nationwide Index before and found that it was grossly inaccurrate, for my area at least.

My partner bought his home for 49990 in July 1997 and it was valued again for a remortgage last August at 75000, the Nationwide quotes 57000!! By using county rather than town/area, this index fails to take into consideration the difference between affluent and poorer areas in the same county. In my town for instance, house prices have risen a lot, but 20 miles away in the town where I used to live, in the same county, you can buy a 3 bed semi for less than 10k (and they're not repo's!)

Even the house I had repossessed shows an increase in value according to the Nationwide index, despite it being in a very poor/run down area and was in fact in negative equity by many thousands.

-- pendle (, February 05, 2001.

A good site for house prices which can be listed by post code is The Land Registry:

You can also print off on-line forms to apply for information on who bought a property. It even now gives you the price it was sold for.

Very informative ! Try it.

-- Tony Hayter (, February 05, 2001.

My personal favourites the Halifx also have a page for their house price index. This is strangely hidden under "Company Information". Tjis is really neat because their own site actually explains their metodology and tells you why their calculations are so accurate compred to everyone else. Here is the URL:

-- Tim Heath (, February 05, 2001.

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