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Just to let everyone know the south end of the Durham & Southern Rwy or the Dunn -Erwin Ry has been taken up and the rail is currently being sold.There is about 1000 feet left near the old shop area at Dunn the Pee Dee Ry loco and Dunn-Erwin Ry loco are still stored on the property near the old Dunn de

-- Alan Ashworth (, February 04, 2001


Do you know if the old Durham & Southern in Dunn, NC has any other memoraphilia? Do they have someone who knows the history or holds the old records? I am interested in possibly purchasing some kind of memoraphilia from that railway as my Grandfather worked there until he died in 1919. I am also interested in any history that anyone could offer. I was hoping that some records were kept from the early 1900s so that I could maybe find reference to my grandfathers home and parentage. Thank you so much. C. Skinner

-- Cheryl Skinner (, February 14, 2001.

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