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Hi All, I am trying to make a copy of a VCD movie using Adaptec easy cd creator but it errors out with the message " Unable to make a copy of e:\cdi\cdi_all.rtf" how can i overcome this. When i look up in explorer the file exists on the VCD. I tried both the cd -copier and data copy options in Adaptec4.02 version.

Thanks Subu

-- su bu (, February 04, 2001


The file exists in the VCD but it may be scratched/damaged/dirty/etc. such that Easy CD can't read it enough to reconstruct it for copying. This situation can happen in any CD-R authoring situation, not just VCD.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, February 05, 2001.


There can be two reasons for your problem. 1. Damaged tracks. 2. CD that you are trying to copy is copy protected. Some CDs are copy protected these days to prevent unauthorised duplicating. Several methods are used to do this. Try copying another CD and if it works, there is nothing to worry about.

-- Adv. Ranjith Xavier (, May 25, 2001.

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