Lender not playing 'fair' with you? Here's a direct line to the government about it.

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I have obtained information from David Fairbrother, Secretary to the Banking Services Consumer Codes Review Group. The Group was formed by the Treasury (i.e.the government) in response to criticisms of lenders' performance in regard to their (self-)regulatory Codes. The Consumer Review Group is therefore inviting views from individuals and groups by the end of February.

There are 7 key questions on which the Consumer Review Group is inviting views:

"The CRG would be grateful for views on seven key issues concerning the [Banking and Mortgage] codes: 1 is the consultation process of drawing them up satisfactory? 2 do they cover all the issues that they should? 3 are they fully complied with by the industry? 4 are they monitored and enforced effectively? 5 do they offer adequate redress for legitimate grievances? 6 could consumers be better informed about what their rights are? 7 do customers need more information or more clearly presented information?"

Submissions can be made by email to: david.fairbrother@hm-treasury.gov.uk

Maybe people could supply their own personal experiences, relating them to breaches of the Mortage Code - a code which for a start states that lenders will be 'fair' in their dealings with you!

Relevant web sites: www.bankreview.org.uk [background to review] www.hm-treasury.gov.uk [news releases etc]

This represents another good opportunity for people facing unfair and/or unproven shortfall claims to get their views directly into parliament. Please use it.

all best,

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), February 03, 2001

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