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As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'd like to get some chickens when I make my move to a more rural area. Someone suggested I get some now, where I am, as I might be here for awhile. Well I imagine I'll be here, off and on, for at least another year or two before everything gets settled and the like. What with dealing with real estate and then making the move, it can't happen overnight...although I wish it could. In any event I thought I might get a few chickens in the meantime. Hence I'm curious if anyone in MA has any near me. I'm on the coast near Cape Cod. Thanks. If not I'll look into the places mentioned in another chicken post on here.

-- Bob Johnson (, February 02, 2001


Sorry I caN'T help you out! I am a Cape Codder (born and raised there) but now live many miles and an ocean away- but there are def. people with chickens somewhere near you- try going down to your local grain and feed store.

-- kelly (, February 03, 2001.

Thanks Kelly! I'll have to give that a try. Perhaps I can post a note on a bullitin board or the like and see if anyone would have a few for sale in these parts. I was looking at one of the hatcheries and I think they had a minimum order of 30 or so and I don't want but a few to start, maybe a half dozen I'm thinking. I wouldn't dare have any more to start as I'm in a very "suburbanized area" at the moment, and am on a quarter acre postage stamp lot with very close neighbors! Some are friendly, some are not. Lots of restrictions around here too.

-- Bob Johnson (, February 03, 2001.

Hi Bob! Still looking for some chickens? I have recently acquired 3 black cochin bantams and one large black hen. Unfortunately my rooster hates the large hen and the cochins are really bothering my Old English hen and she is queen of my coop. If you are seriously interested I will give them to you for free. If you are on the Cape, I am in Foxboro. It's not a very far ride. We transported our original chickens from Mid Coast Maine without any trouble. All the hens are very friendly and tame and laying eggs.

-- Lisa Cook (, March 19, 2002.

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