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I've recently picked up a Pentax SpotmeterV light meter (for pennies). It has some problems though, mainly it doesn't work ;o)

I replaced the batteries but that didn't do the trick. Are there any shops that specialize in fixing these? Anything else I could try to fix on my own?

Another problem is it's missing the dial that allows you to set the different variables. If I got it workign again...have these dials changed or could I order one from Pentax?

I know it's a longshot and I haven't contacted Pentax yet. Checking Ebay they are worth quite abit and would be a great addition to using with my Mamiya C330. Currently I have been using a Sekonic Studio Deluxe which doesn't do me much good if the subject is out of reach.

I took some digital photos of it at work since I don't know the year or model or really anything about it.




Thanks everyone, Scott

-- Scott Haraldson (, February 02, 2001


You can send it back to Pentax, naturally it is out of warranty so it might cost about $150-$250 USD but it is worth it if you like the meter. I had one for years and had to send it in twice for a tune up (in 8 years).

-- Scott Walton (, February 21, 2001.

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