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greetings from rainy Oregon. as a long time ER viewer, I watched last night's episode after a three-month absence, and found that the characters have traveled down twisted paths. as a musician and photographer, I found the ending especially poignant, visually and with the perfect compliment of music. wonderful texture.

question: can anyone help me identify the ending music?


daniel - coastal Oregon mountains

-- daniel taylor (, February 02, 2001


ouch. I assumed the previous postings were from earlier episodes. checking once again, I see the february date, so deep apologies offered. Amanda Ghost is it? after reading some of the comments regarding the musical endings, I have to say there are good and bad choices. like the story lines, the way the visuals and music effect us depends to a large degree on what we bring of ourselves. for me, the Steinway piano resonated with the isolation of the scene, and simply worked. that is the beauty of life .. it offers, and we accept.

-- daniel taylor (, February 02, 2001.

Amanda Ghost, "Silver Lining"

-- shadowd1 (, February 03, 2001.

Yes. It's on her (Amanda Ghost's) "Ghost Stories" CD. Funny, I missed the episode where "Silver Linings" appeared, but I have bought the CD and instantly connected to the song.

-- Malik (, August 06, 2001.

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