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I can't believe that they ALL voted for Kel to leave. Do you think he had the beef jerky or is that something someone made up? And Jerri, oh man what a bitch. I don't like any of those people except maybe Rodger and Maralyn, the retired cop. Maybe Amber. But Jeff is a jerk and Kimmi is just so ...uncouth.

-- Renee (, February 02, 2001


I have only ever seen one episode of Survivor, and couldn't finish watching it. I don't get all the hype and didn't care for it the first time around. ??

-- Amethyst (, February 02, 2001.

I loved the first series because the interactions were exactly like what takes place in an office -- all the different personalities and how they clash with one another. So I was looking forward to II but last night's episode left a really bad taste in my mouth. No, I'm not talking about how I was physically gagging when they had to eat the worms -- yech. It was the backstabbing and vicious rumours that really pissed me off. Oh, of course I'll keep watching. My favourite? Elisabeth. She's just so adorable!

-- Terry (, February 02, 2001.

Via, I found the following and thought it was HILARIOUS!

THERE'S one scene caught on tape for "Survivor II" you won't see on the air. Insiders say that after days of subsisting on rice, the hungry and cranky contestants began to suspect that one man who kept sneaking off into the bush was cheating by secretly eating food he had smuggled in. After telling the producers of their suspicions, they searched through the suspect's belongings, but found nothing. Then they arranged to follow the suspect to his hiding place with a camera crew and catch him in the act. But when the trap was sprung, the suspect wasn't eating-he was pleasuring himself. "He'll never do it again," laughed our source. "He's traumatized."

Poor Kel! I didn't watch a single show of the 1st one. I thought it was going to be stupid. But after I started reading about Survivor II, I decided I'd check it out so I'd know what everybody was talking about. SUCKED IN! I don't know HOW many hours I've spent looking for more info on the Web!

-- Cecelia (, February 02, 2001.

I was 10 minutes late for the first issue, 15 min. late yesterday, but I did not 'by' the eating grass stuff. I like, let's see is Marilyn her name- the older woman?

I absolutely am fascinated when they go to eat that horrible stuff I'd gag at. Like the first series I probably won't follow every episode.

-- Bonnie (, February 02, 2001.

Oh that poor man. Heh. That would be traumatizing all right! I don't want to miss any episodes....I think it gives me something to look forward to before my Friday gets here.

-- Renee (, February 02, 2001.

This makes me think that Kel might not be that bright, you'd think it'd be a given, lots of cameras about, no real appropriate time for a quick (Not to mention REGULAR) wank!

I slept in this morning, anyone know if Bryant Gumbel kept a straight face asking about jerky?

-- Amanda Page (, February 02, 2001.

Kel was too much of a wimp to last. Jerri is such a goober! She should have gotten voted off. I love the older ex-cop with the false teeth. The first girl to get voted off is involved with her step-son! Ewwwwwww!

-- rose (, February 05, 2001.

I'm really trying not to obsess over this show too much because Thursdays come far too slowly some weeks... but last week I can't BELIEVE that southern snake Tina did that to Mad Dog. I am totally ticked and hope she gets shafted just as horribly. Witch.

-- Renee (, February 13, 2001.

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