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They finally got Romano right! Yes, he was a jerk, but he was a jerk for a purpose.

Example 1... He tricked Benton into being a diversity figurehead. Why? He wouldn't have done it otherwise and he actually believes it needs to be addressed! What's that? Romano believes in something? Good job.

Example 2... He saw that Elizabeth was ready to crack. He had faith she could do the he let her do it! She never saw him and she managed to pull through. Was he a jerk afterwards? You bet, but only so she could have faith in her own abilities and so she wouldn't know he was watching her back.

Well done.

-- Rusty Priske (, February 02, 2001


I agree. For some reason, even though he's meaner than dirt, I've always kind of liked Romano. He's a little guy who is always on the defensive, but I think that his jerk persona is calculated to force the best out in others. Lucy and her heart patient several seasons back proved that he rreally did have a heart.

-- Annie (, February 02, 2001.

Romano is just one of those guys that you just love to hate. Paul McCrane does a great job protraying him but I hate his character. Tonight was the first eppisode that I was happy with something that he had done. He knew that Elizabeth could do the procedure and she needed to know that she could. This is one time that I'll say that I agree what what Romano did.

-- Jen (, February 02, 2001.

Jen - you couldn't have said it better! I don't even like to hate Romano, I just hate him but last night I actually admired him for what it did with Elizabeth. She did need that and I'm glad he didn't interfere. I wish he would be like that more often!

-- Robin (, February 02, 2001.

I totally agree! They totally got Romano right last night. The old Romano was back. Not some comical monster guy but our conniving, sneaky, "little turd" to quote Elizabeth. I loved how he responded to Elizabeth's not bailing her out and helping to get her confidence back. That was vintage Romano. You could see somewhat of a heart under the smarmy exterior!

-- amanda (, February 02, 2001.

Agreed. He was deliciously underhanded last night. And all for good causes! Will wonders never cease?!

-- Maureen (, February 02, 2001.

Maybe what Romano did with Elizabeth was dramatically good -- but it was lousy medicine! The longer a patient is under in surgery, the more dangerous it is. Not to mention all those unneeded pints of blood, which someone else could have used. (Or the patient could have had a reaction to.) Major breaking of the hypocratic oath here, Robert!

-- Kate (, February 02, 2001.

I agree, Romano was delightfully hateful last night, but I felt for Benton being pushed right into that conference, where he really had no idea of what to info, no statistics, just his own experiences. That was harsh.

-- Elaine (, February 02, 2001.

I went through today thinking that Dr. Romano was the ony doctor on the show who is 'whole' at the moment, except perhaps for Dr. Finch. I almost can't bear the whole staff being in such a bad cycle at the same time. Who will heal the doctors?

-- Marie (, February 02, 2001.

Kate, bit harsh arn't ya? What if Romano wasn't there, the same thing- o would have happened, but he just had the experiance, the knowledge and the heart (yes, he does have one). At least she got her confidence back. That can halp thousand of patients, not just a few. What about what Romano said to Chen regarding her patient, Kenny (late season 6) about wanting to ask the state to change laws about offering rare metabolic tests to new borns? (Can't remember the eppy or the statement, just the scene).)

-- Ritaann (, February 03, 2001.

Marie...I totally agree, what are they going to do when the whole staff flips seems all of them are capable of being incompetent in some sort! What if Carter relapsed and stole drugs at the same time that Mark started mixing up patients and Elizabet left during an operation and Luka attacked some guy for being morally wrong and Kerry lost it because she's feeling too guilty (along w/ Carter and Elizabeth) and worried about her sexual struggles ...and these are just the most featured storylines...Deb, Abby, and Cleo could all fit into that too! They're all great, legitimate storylines, but they're just all happening at the SAME TIME!

-- Elaine (, February 04, 2001.

Wow. I was shocked, too. I mean, this is like the only time that I can remember Romano having feelings and doing something that would benefit someone else(Elizabeth). He is usually so nasty and dispicable, that it was really strange (but good) to see him act like that! Well, can wait for the next 3 epi.'s! bye

-- ER fan (, February 04, 2001.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Robert was portrayed perfectly. I think, in addition to the writers nailing it, the credit must go to Paul McCrane. For those who complained about 'Piece of Mind,' I see it this way... Romano was seen from the angle of the *patient,* and someone seeing him just in that capacity with no prior knowledge would think he's a king-size jerk! The surgery patient doesn't get to see that doctor's skill, just hear about it.

We know he has feelings in his heart, that might be a size or two too small, but we know he cares -- even if it's only for the smooth operation of *his* hospital.

One other thought... I just saw the pilot on TNT. (I think it's was the only episode I'd not seen.) Watching Benton was like seeing Romano, without the experience or skills to back it up.

:) Jenna

-- Jenna (, February 04, 2001.

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