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FRLians: This is the latest sequel - continuing where the "Writing Bug Bites Again" thread left off. It also references some of the other related stories on earlier threads, including the double-thread Clown/Beaver story that Lon was kind enough to co-author. Why am I punishing you all again, you ask? Three reasons. I am, in all honesty, quite inspired by the efforts of Kritter - our latest FRLian writer. Then there is Tricia's statement - that she would forgive my minor transgression of poking fun at one of her posts if I continued writing. So I decided to sit down and try my hand at yet another sequel, and in starting to write it, I was quickly reminded of the third reason - because it's a lot of fun to do! Hope you enjoy it!

This story, as with all of the author's previous related stories, is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious way. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental.



About two months had passed since the night Bill and Rob went to check on the beavers and didn't get home until 3 in the morning - many hours later than expected. There was no explanation they could offer to their waiting wives either. After an hour of interrogation, both Marie and Ann started believing that their husbands were almost as confused as they were about 'where' all the time that night went.

What eventually convinced the two astute women was that neither of the men changed his tune in the slightest way, and both agreed in every detail with each other's account. Marie and Ann were exasperated, yet reluctantly convinced. If their husbands had been up to something that night, the men would have made up a cover story of some kind. It was their usual M.O. when in a tight spot. But this time was different. There was no story. Bill and Rob simply maintained that they didn't realize it was that late - that they thought they had only been gone an hour or so. In fact, at first it took a little convincing to 'prove' to them that they really were gone all that while. Marie and Ann were worried and uncomfortable. Neither liked unfinished business, and nobody had any answers.

As the weeks passed everyone had pretty much stopped thinking about the whole thing, or at least had been forced to put it out of their minds, since no matter how they went over the events of that night, it remained a mystery. None of them could have suspected that something was going to happen to remind them of the beavers and bring back the uneasy memories of that strange night---

and that it was going to happen soon.

- - - -


It is the last day of open season on deer. Bill and Rob have been in the woods since before daybreak, walking through them quietly to a favorite remote spot with hopes of coming across a prize buck. Before them, on the other side of the thicket, is a shallow ice-covered stream. They are almost there.

The two men are struggling around the thicket when Bill suddenly stops. Rob stops also and follows Bill's gaze, but sees nothing. Then he gets a faint whiff of something - something unpleasant. He looks at Bill who evidently smells it too. The wind direction is from the opposite side of the stream, and so is the smell. They exchange confused looks, and go slowly forward.

There are recent tracks at the edge of the stream. Deer tracks. The smell is stronger here. Ahead of them, they see an odd irregular mound of earth, leaves, and branches covered in a light snow. Rob walks away from the stream and towards the mound. Bill follows. The odor is very strong as they reach the edge of the mysterious mound. There is no question about it now. It is the smell of death.

Bill moves his boot over the highest portion of the mound, knocking away some snow and leaves and dislodging a branch to try and see what the dead animal is. As the branch is lifted off it reveals something glittering. "What the hell?" Bill mutters. Rob steps up and slides his boot across the same area to uncover whatever it is that's shining. In the same instant, both men see it clearly. They look at each other in startled recognition. It's a watch--- still attached to a human wrist--- a wrist without any hand.

- - - -

Shortly after his special undercover assignment with the Advanced Defense and Research Organization (ADRO), Officer Brooks returned to his regular duties. The man who served as the local area detective had retired and moved to beautiful Alberta, Canada at the end of the year. Brooks was promoted and took his place. So it was that Detective Brooks was the one who got the call about Bill Porter and Rob Michaels finding a body while hunting in the woods.

Both men were visibly upset during their questioning at the scene and then later at the police station, but unlike previous times, neither were a suspect. A cursory police examination at the scene revealed that the corpse was male and had been dead for a long time - months. There wasn't any form of identification. The cause of death was - well - he was, quite literally, eaten. Not all that much was left, and the efforts to id the remains from dental records started immediately. The million-dollar question was: 'Who was he?' Detective Brooks knew from experience that answering this could take awhile. Knowing what killed him was a different matter though. There was only one animal native to these woods that could have done it - a black bear.

-- Rob Michaels (, February 01, 2001



Marie and Ann drove to the police station to pick up their husbands. They had just arrived when Detective Brooks received a call. He spoke briefly and hung up, then looked at Rob and Bill as the two wives were entering the room. "You'll never believe this, I hardly believe it myself, but the dead man has already been identified. Turns out he was local and they had a bit of luck right here in town. Anyway, it was the Hunter who we issued an All Points Bulletin on - you remember, the nut that tried to kill that beaver for its golden teeth."

After leaving the police station, the Porters returned to the Michaels' house. Ann helped Marie put together a quick meal. They were all suddenly flooded with memories of Pat and the Hunter and all of the things that had happened last year - all of the things they had been through together with the four beavers. It was obvious that they missed the critters. None of them had been to check on Pat or the other three since that odd night two months ago when Rob and Bill came home late. So they decided on the spur of the moment to go to the lodge and see them, to especially see Pat. It was already 3:30 in the afternoon and would be getting dark in less than an hour and a half. Nobody wanted to wait. They all piled into Bill's station wagon and headed for the lake and the beavers lodge.

Detective Brooks frowned. So that is what happened to his 'asset' - the man he hired to kill Pat at the former Head of ADRO's direct order. He thought back. Yeah, it made sense. The Hunter probably went back to get the beaver's two gold teeth after all. The detective's thoughts came back to the present - and to what he must do now; call the person that replaced Alexander Lawless as the Head of ADRO. Helen Bee Mebs, formerly the Assistant Director of the FBI, was appointed as the new Head of ADRO after Alexander's disappearance. She was also the person that de-briefed Brooks and the other field agents after the last mission.

Brooks began thinking back to when he first met her. She's around 40, attractive, and has an easy-going way that puts you at your ease almost immediately. Unlike her predecessor, she is a 'people person,' both well liked and highly respected for her quick mind. If she has any fault (in the eyes of some even higher than she is), it's that she possesses that most burdensome of human attributes - a conscience.

After debriefing Brooks she told him that if anything should come up in the future even remotely related to the Girl or the Beaver, that he was to call her immediately. She was quite clear. Brook's thoughts returned to the present. He shook his head. It was the hardest mission he had ever faced, with some aspects still classified as 'unresolved'. As the months passed he had really hoped that the whole thing, the entire mission, was behind him - that he would never have to use the special phone number. But finding the missing Hunter definitely qualified as something she should be informed of. He had no choice. The detective picked up the phone, reluctantly, and dialed.

The Mother Ship is returning, and will soon be loitering in Earth orbit. With the mystery of Pat's golden teeth solved, the Aliens are free to embark on a new project - or, more accurately, to finish something that they had previously started. On the ship, everything is being readied. Near the center of the vessel, something is being slowly and meticulously assembled for when it will be needed. And in another part of the ship, something that used to be alive floats motionlessly inside it's dark, liquid-filled, bubbling, transparent, cylindrical container---


-- (thesonofdust@chapter.two), February 01, 2001.


16:04 Local 31 January, 2001 - NORAD

Deep inside Cheyenne Mountain, the Satellite Reconnaissance Office (SRO) orbital analysts are busy with their usual tedious task of tracking all 1,248 objects in Earth orbit - that is, until the 1,249th object suddenly appears on the dull green monitor screen in Box #3. "Looks like it's party time," the analyst joked. But it was no joking matter. The commander in Box #3 frowns over the shoulder of the civilian 'knob turner' as it becomes apparent that something unexpected is going on. Several minutes pass as they watch and check and double-check everything possible, but there is no explanation for this new object's sudden appearance. It simply doesn't belong there. Period. Word spreads quickly. Within minutes, Box #3 starts getting crowded with command-rank officers.

Contrary to popular belief, countries aren't able to 'sneak' objects into space - not with the current technological state of monitoring and surveillance. No, something is definitely up there, but whatever it is, it didn't originate from down here - we would have 'caught' it on its way up. That leaves only one other possibility. The commander in Box #3 picks up the Gold Phone. Within minutes, an Action Message is transmitted by the commander in chief of the North American Space Defense Council to the Space Detection Network, a vast, worldwide, connected array of the latest electronic space surveillance assets, to lock onto the object and identify it. Simultaneously, certain very high government officials are being made aware that a current situation exists. The new Head of ADRO, Helen Bee Mebs, is on that short list.

- - - -

The Porters and Michaels arrive at Golden Lake at 4:05 and park in the lot at the end of the service road. No other cars are there. They start off on their way to the beaver's lodge, a few minutes walk away. They talk quietly as they walk, mentioning different things that had previously happened in various spots around the Lake. They pass the spot where they had released Pat and the other three beavers after coming from the animal hospital. None of them can begin to imagine what else is also on its way to that very same destination.

Detective Brooks is about to hang up when the new Head of ADRO finally picks up the line. He reports the facts as they are - that the missing Hunter has finally been found, and positively identified. He says that it doesn't really mean much at this point, but since it was related to what happened before - with the Girl and the Beaver - that he knows he has a responsibility to report it to her - inconsequential as it is. To say he wasn't expecting her reaction would be an understatement. Helen Bee Mebs heard her usually calm voice explode through the phone line: "Look Brooks, something is going on Right Now. THEY have come back, and who knows why. And THEY are up to something, we can be sure. You of all people should know what I'm talking about. Do you understand? Maybe it's just a coincidence that this guy was found and all of a sudden they're back, but I need you to post a guard on the body, and also check on that special beaver - in person. Go immediately. And I'm expecting a status report from you as soon as you have any information." The line went dead with a sudden Click.

The Alien vessel has a job to do. A small transparent bluish-white bubble-like thing rushes out of the ship and speeds down towards the unsuspecting Earth, completely undetectable by any human technology. In only moments it will arrive exactly where it is intended to go to - the beaver's lodge.

-- (thesonofdust@chapter.three), February 01, 2001.

Way cool, Rob... you're forgiven.

And I can hardly wait for the next installment!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, February 01, 2001.


The Porters and Michaels are almost to the beaver's dam, just around the bend in the stream. As they come around the bend, all four stop short. There, on the ground besides the beaver's dam, is a round pulsating bluish-white ball of light. There is a smell of something like ozone in the air, and a soft crackling noise. Bill gasps, as Ann instinctively moves closer to him. Rob and Marie stand closer to each other, their eyes wide open. As they watch, the light-ball starts turning counter-clockwise - faster and faster. Evidently the 'ball' is becoming transparent somehow, because they can now make out a shape inside it. "My God! Look at that!" Ann stammered. All four of them stand as if frozen to the spot, unable to look away. Then they see it; the familiar shape of what is being engulfed by the light-ball. "It's Pat!" cried Marie. They continue to watch, stunned, as the light ball rises up off the ground, going slowly higher and higher. Then, without warning, it zooms up into sky, heads for the stars, and is gone.

They continue to stand there, in silence. Finally, Bill turns to the others and, seeing the same sense of shock in all of their eyes that he himself feels, he grabs hold of Ann's hand and starts back towards the car. Rob puts his arm around Marie, who turns again for one last look, and then they follow. In a few minutes all four are back inside the wagon and Bill is driving back home. It's going to be a long night for all of them.

- - - -

Detective Brooks got to the Lake as soon as he could. He needed to stop for gas on the way, which is the only reason he didn't pass the Porters' station wagon as he was driving on the service road to the parking lot. By the time he arrived at the lot, parked the car, and walked over to the lodge, it was getting dark. He has been here many times before and knows his way around - even in the dark. After only about ten minutes, he is able to find three of the four beavers. They are all just outside their lodge on the far bank of the stream, foraging busily. There is no sign of Pat though. That's bad. Very bad. He has to call and tell her immediately. "She's not gonna like this," he mumbles to himself as he walks the short distance back to his car. No, he thinks to himself, she's not gonna like this at all.

- - - -

16:29 Local 31 January, 2001 - NORAD

"It's gone, Sir!" The knob-turner frantically adjusts his monitoring equipment but to no avail. It is gone in an instant. "Now ya see it, now ya don't," he mutters. A chorus of exasperated murmurs and expletives echo throughout the 'cave'. The commander looks around the crowded Box half hoping someone will venture an explanation. But all of the faces in Box #3 only wear questions. As quickly as it appeared, it left. After waiting several more minutes, the Action Message is officially recalled. The Space Detection Network has come up empty. The SRO has come up empty. Nobody knows what it was that appeared and disappeared so mysteriously. The only evidence that something has indeed really happened up there are the orbital analyst's monitoring tapes, which will be sent for immediate post-processing and detailed analysis to an SRO 'sister' group. The party is over, and now the required reports will all have to be filled out. The commander of Box #3 let out a long sigh.

Within seconds of Pat's arrival, the Mother Ship exits Earth orbit. The beaver is prepped and made ready for what is to come next. At the same time, the dead thing that was inside the dark, liquid-filled, cylindrical container is carefully removed. Its wait for life is almost over.

-- (thesonofdust@chapter.four), February 01, 2001.

Don't know if I can even do this anymore...

-- (, February 01, 2001.

OK, so they're not beavers! It's the closest I could find. LOL Happy Groundhog's Day. :-)

-- Gayla (, February 01, 2001.

They LOOK like Beavers though. Glad to see new saga! Write on!! I love it!

-- kritter (, February 01, 2001.


Just as Detective Brooks anticipated, Helen Bee Mebs is not at all happy at hearing that Pat is missing. She is also aware that They have left, as quickly and suddenly as They appeared. Something is definitely up. But what?

"Well," Brooks started, "I don't think the Hunter has anything to do with what's happening now - I mean, his role was very limited and he's been completely out of the picture for a very long time. Usually I suspect any coincidence, but in this case I think it's simply that and nothing more."

"Sounds plausible," agreed the Head of ADRO. "Then that leaves us with the Aliens and the missing beaver. If there is a connection, it is between them. Refresh my memory Brooks."

"Ok" Brooks began. "The person you replaced, Alexander Lawless, knew that the Girl named Julie and the beaver could communicate telepathically, and they were getting too close to knowing things they shouldn't. Dangerous things. Lawless told me that one of them would have to be --- eliminated --- in the interests of National Security. Naturally, he decided to kill the beaver rather than the Girl. That was the Hunter's job. I made the arrangements rather than doing it myself and risking any direct involvement on ADRO's part. The Hunter did the job, but then disappeared, so I had an APB issued for him. I knew that he killed the beaver, had proof actually, but evidently the Aliens intervened and brought Pat back to life somehow - and as a dog instead of a beaver. Then came the events down in Louisiana. After the Girl and the others disappeared, the Aliens took the dog back - in front of my own eyes - and the next thing I knew Pat the beaver is back here in New Jersey just like nothing ever happened. As you know, the Girl and the others that disappeared with her remain missing - and probably are gone forever. The Hunter was missing up until today. That's about it."

Helen Bee Mebs listened carefully, remembering all of the facts from when she debriefed Brooks and the other field agents. "Thanks detective. Let's forget the Hunter and concentrate on the Alien/beaver connection. We know that They abducted the beaver at least twice before. We know They were just here again, and we know the beaver is now missing. Follow up on that angle and see what you can find out. Confirm the assumption that They came and got the beaver again. That in and of itself will tell us something. Report in as soon as you find out anything. And detective--- I'm counting on you."

The delicate and complicated work in the Ship continues. It is going well. The amazing, unearthly operations will be over soon. In another part of the vessel, the assembly is being completed. The machine is almost ready - all that's still needed is its pilot.

- - - -

Detective Brooks and the Head of ADRO weren't the only ones trying to figure out what was going on. Marie put on a pot of coffee as the four of them sat around the kitchen table and talked about what they had just seen. Marie began telling them all about her conversations with Julie - how the girl had seen Pat 'float' up a blue beam of light into a waiting spacecraft, how it was eerily similar to the telepathic vision that Pat sent her when they were helping the FBI with the missing person case, how Julie had literally disappeared from this very house in the middle of the night, only to call the next day from two thousand miles away and tell her that 'They" had taken herself and Pat. Marie also told the others about how she and Julie figured out that they must have been in some danger - that certain people didn't want Julie and Pat involved in whatever was happening - probably due to the connection with UFO's - things that weren't supposed to exist according to the government. Marie remembered how she and Julie cried together that night.

By now, Marie was getting upset as her thoughts turned back to Julie, who she grew so fond of in such a short time. She told Rob, Ann, and Bill about that last call from Julie - about how Pat wasn't a beaver anymore, about the time when Julie was ordering food and realized that Pat could answer her questions by barking once for 'yes' and twice for 'no', and about how they were heading to Louisiana - hot on the trail of the missing person. The others listened without interrupting as Marie poured her heart out; "And that's the last I heard of the poor girl. I don't know what happened to her, but I'm sure she would have called if she could. And yet Pat came back - and as a beaver too! It's all so confusing."

Rob went to his wife's side and hugged her gently. He knew she was on the verge of tears. Ann and Bill, their friends for so long, also knew. In an odd way, Marie's story somehow made the others calmer - it somehow confirmed what they had all seen. They weren't crazy after all; it really did happen.

Bill looked at Rob with something new in his eyes. He hesitated briefly, then said in a low voice "Ya know, Rob, I wasn't gonna mention it but, well, when I saw that there blue light thing, well, I had the oddest feeling - a feeling like it was familiar." Rob's eyes opened Wide as he looked at his best friend and said "Now that I think of it, I felt the same thing, almost like I had seen it before or something!"

Now it was Ann's turn to exchange a glance with Marie. They both looked at their husbands with the same thought in mind. Ann spoke first. "Oh my God. Don't ya see Rob, that night you both were gone - the missing time!" Suddenly, there was an explanation for what happened that night two months ago, but it that raised more questions than it answered. And none of the questions had answers.

The Alien ship does not need to return to Earth to accomplish what has to be done next. Pat's brain has been removed from the beaver's body and successfully transplanted into the body of a dog - the same golden retriever puppy as it 'occupied' before. The Aliens use mental imagery to explain to Pat exactly what they need to be done next, and also how it is to be done. Pat understands, and wags it's tail in anticipation. In another part of the ship some final details are being attended to as the Aliens lead Pat to the waiting machine. When all is ready, the pilot is placed into position and successfully starts the machine. In a moment the machine completely vanishes, as if it had never been aboard the Alien vessel at all. Pat is on the way back. But back to where, only the Aliens know.

-- (thesonofdust@chapter.five), February 02, 2001.


Brooks took his orders from the new Head of ADRO seriously. He sat and thought for a long while. This was a tough one. He had a possible connection between the beaver's disappearance and the Aliens to confirm somehow, and no place to start. The beaver was gone, and so were the Aliens. Both were dead ends. There must be someone that could give him a lead. As he was thinking, he looked down at his desk and saw the police file on the Hunter who had twice tried to kill Pat. It was then that he realized there might be someone who could help him after all.

First thing in the morning he would go to the local library and look in its newspaper archives. Somebody had to have brought that beaver to the animal hospital, and picked it up, and paid the bills for those gold teeth, and relocated Pat to Golden Lake. Whoever it was cared an awful lot about Pat and might provide him with a lead. He shook his head. It was a real long shot, but it was all he had.

The unearthly machine hurtles towards its destination. Pat is comfortable inside. The only duties the pre-programmed machine required of its pilot were during 'takeoff' - when Pat pressed several small colored panels on the floor of the craft in a certain order with it's paw. Since then, the pooch is sitting quietly, surrounded by darting particles of multi-colored lights, waiting for the end of the ride, and watching the far 'wall' of the machine. Strange patterns are constantly changing on that wall. Pat has no idea what, if anything, they mean.

Suddenly, the patterns on the wall stop changing, and the feeling of movement also ends. The machine stops gently. Pat stands up on all fours and watches as a door 'materializes'. Now the machine can be exited. Pat looks outside. It is night - Pat can see the moonlight, can hear the sounds of insects, and can smell the damp Earth. Pat goes to the door and sees the expanse of grass that the machine has landed softly on. It is time to go now. Just before leaving the machine, Pat turns and pauses - and looks once more at the strange pattern frozen on the opposite wall of the craft - a pattern that looks exactly like this:





- - - -

The next morning, as soon as the library opened, Brooks checked the archived copies of the local newspaper. He knew the general time-period to start with. After about fifteen minutes, he picked up the issue that was to prove to be what he needed - and more. There on the front page was "Pat the Golden Beaver", with an almost human-looking smile stretched across its tiny mouth - showing off its new golden teeth - as if it somehow realized its picture was being taken.

But that wasn't what really caught Detective Brook's attention. He looked again to make sure. Yes, there could be no doubt. In the picture, regarding the beaver with obvious affection, were two couples: The Porters and the Michaels. He left the library immediately as a plan began forming in his mind.

-- (thesonofdust@chapter.six), February 02, 2001.

Ya still got it Gayla! Only thing is, if YOU couldn't find any beaver gif's, then there are simply none to be had! And that must mean someone is stealing them... Personally, I think the stealth geese are doing it - it's all part of that vast left-wing, or right-wing, or wingless conspiracy. Oh what a world, what a world. . .

-- (i am@mike.roberts), February 02, 2001.

Ahhhhh, more story! The only guaranteed lure for me on the net these days :-)

And given Gayla's new work, maybe we ought to add Editor in Chief to her Chief Investigatrix title ;-)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, February 02, 2001.


"Someone's at the door. Can you get it Rob?" asked Marie as she refilled Bill and Ann's coffee cups. Rob strode over to the front of the house and opened the door. "Detective Brooks!" he said with genuine surprise, "What brings you here?"

Two cups of coffee and twenty minutes later, Detective Brooks left the Michaels' residence... Smiling.

- - - -

This is the most dangerous part of the mission. Pat runs silently over the grass to an area behind a thicket and surveys the distant house. The dog is no more than a shadow in the night. Someone is sitting on the porch, rocking slowly back and forth in a comfortable lazy rhythm. Pat watches a while longer to make sure the human is alone. Something on the floor by its chair glints faintly in the moonlight.

Even from this distance it is evident that the person is very old. Pat sees the white hair and hunched over posture. No sounds break the still night air, except for the rocking chair creaking on the wooden porch floor. After several more minutes, Pat senses it is time - the long-awaited moment is here. The dog leaps out of its hiding place and makes directly for the unsuspecting human. In only seconds Pat will be there. Still, the person does not change its lazy, unaware rocking. Pat comes to a sudden stop just before the first porch step and looks up. The human is only five feet away.

The old woman is contemplating her eigthy-fifth birthday, reminiscing about the long and gratifying life she has led, when some unexpected movement catches her eye. Her reverie is suddenly broken. She stops rocking in the chair and squints at the wild animal, silently cursing the darkness and her failing eyesight. She bends down towards the porch floor in a slow, deliberate manner, and grabs the rifle. The animal is just standing its ground, as if waiting. She points the rifle down at it, her finger finding the trigger, when all of a sudden she feels something she has not felt in the past sixty years - a distinct tingling sensation at both of her temples.

Her finger instantly relaxes on the trigger, the gun lowers. Then the images come - the Mother Ship, the brain transplant, the time machine, the instructions Pat has brought for her from the Aliens. They flood her brain. Then the images fade. She puts the gun back and smiles down at the dog she loved so long ago. Tears well in her still-pretty eyes. She puts out her arms in welcome. Pat runs to her and jumps into her waiting arms, accidentally knocking her back into the rocking chair and landing in her lap. Pat licks her face and wags it's tail in pure delight. Tears stream down Julie's face. "Oh Pat, it's really you, isn't it!" she cries. Pat jumps from her lap onto the floor, rolls over, and turns to face her. "Woof!"

-- (, February 02, 2001.

-- Dontcha just love pictures? ;-) (editor@in.chief), February 03, 2001.


Helen Bee Mebs is disappointed. "You mean to tell me that's all you have?" she asks. Detective Brooks clears his throat before speaking again. "If you were there you would know what I mean. All four of them almost had kittens when I asked if they had been to check on their beloved beaver lately. They admitted that just yesterday, before dark, they were all at the dam. I don't need to remind you what was happening at that exact time yesterday. And when I offhandedly asked if they had seen anything---unusual---, well, one of them - Bill Porter, actually spit out his coffee. And every single one of them had an expression of fear on their face that they couldn't hide. I'm telling you that they saw something that scared them, and you know what I think that 'something' was. Plus, by their own admission, they just happened to be at the beavers dam at exactly the time we know THEY visited."

Helen Bee Mebs sighed. "Ok. At least it all fits, thin as it is. If we accept that They abducted the beaver again, we need to plan what our response would be to certain--- potentialities. Actually, one in particular - as unlikely as it may be. None of us know what happened to the missing Girl, but we do know that They have returned, and we have some confidence that They have the beaver, though we don't know why. Lawless realized that the Girl was no threat without the beaver, and vice versa. The challenge for us occurs when and if both the Girl and Pat meet up somehow and start that telepathic stuff again. That, specifically, is what we must have a contingency for." The Head of ADRO hesitated slightly before saying the next thing on her mind; "There is only one acceptable solution should this scenario ever materialize."

Helen Bee Mebs then told Detective Brooks exactly what she wanted to happen should the beaver and the Girl both return, then asked point blank; "Can I continue to count on you Brooks, if and when the time comes?" Once again the detective cleared his throat. "Yes, you can," he heard himself say softly.

- - - -

Julie understands the Alien's 'message' - she has accomplished everything that she needed to do in this 'past lifetime'. Now it is finally time for her to return, and do the things she needs to do in the life she so suddenly and unexpectedly left behind 60 years ago. She is to immediately follow the pooch to the time-machine and press the colored floor panels in the reverse order that Pat had done. The machine will do the rest. And she knows, with certainty, that when the journey is over, the pattern of numbers on the wall display will read:





- - - -

The Porters had left shortly after dinner. Marie and Rob now sit in a comfortable silence after talking for a long time about all of the crazy things that had happened to them lately. They are exhausted, and are looking forward to a night of rest. On the other side of the Lake, the Porters are already in bed - trying in vain to sleep.

Outside, snow is falling gently from the starless night sky. But there is something else that is to fall from the sky later this very night---

something that is not of this Earth---

something that will be heading directly for the Michaels' house---

-- (thesonofdust@chapter.eight), February 03, 2001.


All during her trip in the time-machine, Julie had an odd feeling. But it wasn't until she had arrived on the Mother Ship that she realized the years had somehow rolled away--- She was young again! Her mind was now filled with contemplation of what her renewed life might be like. But her thoughts were soon to be interrupted. THEY told her that she was not done traveling--- yet.

03:19 Local 01 February, 2001 - NORAD

"Oh Shit!" exclaimed the analyst, "Here we go again." This time it is Box #7 that picks up something unusual; an object of unknown origin has suddenly appeared out of nowhere and is now in Earth orbit, just as before. And also just as before, everyone's mind is struggling to answer the same question: "What is up there?"

They got to work. The knob-turners mathematical calculations revealed the object's orbital characteristics; the elapsed time for the object to complete a single revolution around the planet, the degrees of inclination to the equator, its closeness to Earth, and the highest point of its orbit. Then, just after these initial calculations are completed, something really bizarre happens. Instead of there being just one object, now there are suddenly three!

Shortly after their arrival on the Alien ship, Julie and Pat are 'shown' what is to happen to them next. Preparations begin immediately. After a short time, two small scout vessels deploy from the Mother ship. Julie is on one, Pat on the other. Both are being prepared for their upcoming short journey. Only moments pass before the Alien scout vessels begin their descent. Pat and Julie are going 'home'.

Two thousand four hundred feet beneath the Mountain, Box #7 is in an uproar. Two of the three unknown objects have begun descending towards Earth! In seconds, they will trip the northern 'fence' of the continental United States of America and violate sovereign airspace! The commander in Box #7 has no choice. This time there will be more than an Action Message issued. He picks up the Gold Phone without hesitation. Moments later, a Flash Alert is transmitted from Cheyenne Mountain. The knob-turners continue monitoring the descending objects. Both are plotted to 'land' in Northwestern New Jersey. Within minutes, Helen Bee Mebs is on the phone - waking up Detective Brooks.

-- (thesonofdust@chapter.nine), February 03, 2001.

Oh, man, Rob! I get back from the road, and you're up to chapter 9 already. I LOVE it!

"Helen Bee Mebs" - She's just got to be a bad 'un. Even her name gives me the creepin-jeebies.


-- Lon Frank (, February 03, 2001.


Sunrise. A thin blanket of snow covers the frozen surface of the Lake, the hard ground, the naked oaks. It is a beautiful, quiet morning.

The Michaels are awakened by their cat, Murphy, who is meowing loudly. "Sheesh!" Rob mutters, still groggy. Marie looks over at the clock. It's still early - just barely light out. "Now what in the world is the matter with you, Murph?" The cat meows loudly once again, jumps off the bed, and runs to the doorway of their bedroom - then turns to look at them in anticipation. Marie and Rob exchange glances. "Ya know dear, it's almost as if the little fur ball wants us to follow him or something. Sure is acting strange." Marie is wide-awake now. "Yeah, well this is the right week for 'strange' now isn't it. Let's get up."

They leave the room and go into the hallway. Murphy is pacing back and forth in front of the empty guest bedroom's closed door. The cat stops to look at the Michaels and meows once again. Rob and Marie go to the guest bedroom, open the door, and walk in. Murphy follows, cautiously staying just inside the doorway. There on the bed is someone sleeping as if this is their own house! And on the floor is a dog! "What the hell?" Rob wonders. He begins going towards the phone - to call the police - when Marie puts her hand up, to silently signal 'wait'. She walks quietly around the bed to get a look at whoever it is that is sleeping in her house. With a yell that probably wakes up the Porters on the other side of the Lake, she suddenly realizes who it is. "Julie! Oh my God! Julie!" Rob looks questioningly at the dog. "Then you must be Pat!" The puppy stands up, looks at both of the Michaels, wags its tail, and lets out a loud, friendly "Woof!" Murphy bolts out of the room as if running for his very life, a blur of orange fur. The Michaels look at each other and start laughing.

Suddenly the doorbell rings. Rob frowns. Pat jumps up onto the bed to be with Julie, who sits up and smiles. Marie goes to the window, parts the curtains, and looks down. "It's Detective Brooks! Now what the hell is he doing here - and at this time too?"

- - - -

Julie hardly had any time to talk with Marie and Rob before the Detective took her and Pat away to the police station 'just for questioning'. The Michaels were overjoyed to see Julie once again - to know that she was alive and ok. Before leaving with the detective, Julie whispered to Marie that she must have 'been put' into their house the same way that, so many months ago, she had 'been taken'. Marie's eyes widened in sudden understanding. There finally were some answers, though nobody, except the Porters, would ever believe them.

Now Marie and Rob sat down to have their morning coffee, and wondered how it was that Brooks had shown up so early. "Why, it's almost as if he knew that Julie was back!" Marie said. It was strange, and she didn't like it. Rob shrugged as Marie shifted uneasily in her chair. They began wondering about the detective's reasons for taking Julie and Pat to the police station.

But Detective Brooks had no intention of taking Julie and Pat to the police station. No, that wouldn't do at all. The orders that the Head of ADRO gave him were quite clear--- and required the utmost secrecy.

He is driving them to his private residence, the only place that his new mission can be accomplished. It is not far. Julie first suspects that something is wrong as soon as he pulls into his driveway. "Hey, this isn't a police station. What's going on?" she demands. "Just come inside - and bring the dog," he commanded. Julie hesitates a second, before angrily realizing she doesn't really have much choice. She and Pat get out of the car and reluctantly go into the detective's house.

It is time for Brooks to carry out his orders. . .

-- (thesonofdust@chapter.ten), February 03, 2001.


don't know if you noticed, but the STORY AIN'T DONE YET!!!

time to post another chapter, don't ya think? (Don't make me come up there)


-- Lon Frankenstien (, February 05, 2001.

I second the evil twin!!! More! More!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, February 05, 2001.


They are all sitting down in the living room. Pat stretches out on the floor by Julie's feet. Brooks looks at Julie in silence for a long moment, smiles mysteriously, then begins dialing the special number on his speaker-phone. Helen Bee Mebs answers on the first ring. Brooks does the introductions, then sits back, content to let the Head of ADRO do the talking.

"You must be wondering what in the world is going on," Helen Bee Mebs began, with genuine concern in her voice. "Relax Julie. I may be holding the job that Alexander Lawless previously had, but I think if you hear me out you'll find that we are as different as night and day - which is really fortunate for both you and Pat. Alexander saw your relationship with Pat as a threat to National Security, a threat that needed to be --- eliminated. I see your amazing gift as something that can be an enormous asset to our country. You and Pat could help a lot of people. In short, I am offering you a job. I want you to become part of ADRO - reporting directly to my office. There are a few rules naturally, but I think you'll find that they make sense, especially since you'll be cleared to know things that most people can't even dream of. In fact, you already do know a lot! Also, Pat comes along with you; after all, the beaver - er, I mean the dog - is very important too. I'm sure you must have questions. Take some time to think about it."

Julie sat in shocked silence. She looked at Detective Brooks, who smiled gently and nodded his head to indicate this was not a joke. It sounded good. A real job, with important responsibilities - one where she and Pat could actually 'work' together - could help people. "I---I don't know what to say!" she stammered. Then an uncomfortable thought occurred to her: "But what if I refuse?" she asked.

Helen Bee Mebs laughed gently, breaking the tension. "You don't have to worry. Nobody is going to come after you or try anything stupid, like what some others did in the past. You are smart and young Julie. There are so many things you could do with your life - but nothing, if you don't mind me saying so, as important as what I am offering. If you refuse we would still need to reach an agreement about the sensitive nature of the things you have been involved with, and the need to guard that knowledge as something extraordinary and important that must not be indiscriminately disclosed. In other words, you would be under the same security restrictions, or rules of secrecy, as all of us. Actually, it has to be that way - regardless of your choice. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I think I do," Julie replied. "Wow. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions. It's just that right now I, uh, I mean--- this is all so overwhelming! But I will think very carefully about it, I promise. And thank you for your offer!"

- - - -

After the conversation, Brooks started driving Julie and Pat back to the Michaels', reminding her that everything that had happened since leaving their house earlier in the morning was 'confidential'. She frowned. Julie didn't like having to lie to anyone, especially someone like Marie who she had come to admire and like. She wondered if it would be possible for her to live like that. How did other people do it?

She shook her head. She would really have to think more about it. Nothing about taking this job bothered her more. She almost got up enough courage to ask Brooks, who evidently was used to living with 'rules of secrecy'.

She turned her head and looked at the detective. He appeared to be deep in thought. She put her reservations about keeping secrets aside for now, not knowing what else to do. But she knew herself well enough to know that she would have to resolve it soon - one way or the other. Just then she had a new thought, and decided to try a little experiment. She turned again and looked at the detective.

Ironically, as Brooks drove he was trying to figure out a cover story for Julie to use, but she beat him to it. "Ok Detective. If I can't tell my friends the truth, because it's all a secret, I'll have to make something up, right?" Brooks nodded.

Julie thought for a second, then continued with "How about this: We just came back from the police station where you formally closed the missing person report that was filed on me."

Brooks gave the young girl a smile and look of sincere admiration mingled with a tinge of surprise. He laughed before saying; "Helen was right, you are smart. You haven't asked me Julie, but I think you really should consider the job. Good people are hard to find, and Helen Bee Mebs is first rate all the way. You know, I can tell that the 'rules of secrecy' part makes you uncomfortable. That's actually a good sign. You see, each person handles it differently - some better than others. I do it by reminding myself that it's the Law, and also, from my experiences, it just turns out to be best for everyone. If you decide to accept, I want you to know that I'll be there for you to talk to if you feel the need. After all, I work for ADRO too! Anyway, your cover story idea for where you have been all morning is a great one. I'll go along with it."

Julie smiled back at the detective. "Thanks for your opinion about the job, even though I didn't ask yet, and thanks even more for your offer to help me out. To be honest, I was wondering how you handled the secrecy. Actually, now that I think of it, this whole decision is a simple one for me - if I do the right thing."

Brooks gave her a puzzled look as he turned onto the Michaels' street.

Julie was thinking to herself that there is One who's judgement had never failed her. . . She turned to Pat, who was standing on all fours in the back seat of the car, nose sticking out the partially open window, and asked; "Well, pooch, what do you say. Should I take the job?"

Pat instantly wagged its tail in excitement and looked Julie directly in the eyes. "Woof!"

Brooks and Julie roared with laughter as they pulled into the Michaels' driveway. "Well," Julie said, "That settles it! Looks like I'm in for even more adventures!"


-- (thesonofdust@THE.END), February 05, 2001.


Tell me it's not so!!!

-- Tricia the Canuck (, February 07, 2001.

Thanks (((((Rob!))))) I love the talent on this forum!

-- Gayla (, February 07, 2001.

Tricia: It's the end of this sequel... but I'll probably continue to torture youz guyz some more in the future :)

Gayla: Glad you enjoyed it, and I agree about the talent here!

-- (, February 08, 2001.

(((Rob))) the torture is the waiting for the talented person to step forward and start writing (yes, that includes you!!!)

-- Tricia the Canuck (, February 08, 2001.

ATTABOY Rob, Ya done good. I can't wait for the "further adventures"!


-- Lon Frank (, February 09, 2001.

"Woof!" ?

What a "whoof" doing coming from a (admittedly very talented) beaver ..... we listening to a multi-lingual beaver hear?

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (, February 12, 2001.

Oh ... I get it.

She's hearing people, lip reading English, interpreting in Beaver (perhaps in some obscure backwoods Canuckinainainainan dialect), and speaking "dog."

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (, February 13, 2001.

Good Sir Cook, re-read the end of chapter 5!!!! Pat's not a beaver after that :-)

-- (mike@robert.s), February 13, 2001.

what a stupid letter.your such a dumbass. fuck u

-- kate fisher (, October 21, 2004.

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