Where can I find repossessed houses?

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I am looking forward to buy a repossessed house in west London area. I have tried to find out from different places but to no avail. What would u suggest that whether buying a new house is better or a repossessed house? Reply me as soon as possible. Thank you

-- Hina Khan (hina2022@hotmail.com), February 01, 2001


Hina, The HRP is NOT a forum for people to pick up bargains fromn those less fortunate than themselves but a forum for those being 'wrongfully' harrassed by lenders etc into parting with large sums of money 'debts' that are unjust. Repossessed houses are not supposed to be bargains as legally they should be marketed and sold as any other house and, if anything, should attract a premium for vacant possession.

This, I am sad to say is not the case as all readers of this site will know all too well. From information within the selling industry agents are requested to sell as quickly as possible and price does not matter.

My advice is to buy a house which is occupied, a new one is a good idea as it has NHBC cover, but certainly NOT to buy a repossession which only encourages the lenders to continue with thier dubious practices. I hope you have a conciunce (sorry can't spell) and decide against profiting from the misfortune of others.

-- Matt (mattyc@ntlworld.com), February 01, 2001.


Like most decent people buy a house at the market rate.

With the greatest respect its people like you that cause the suffering the genuine readers of this page experience.

I suggest you call Abbey National, I am sure they will sort you out.

let us know how you go on !. if you dare.

-- Bryan Turner (bryan@loancheck.fsnet.co.uk), February 01, 2001.

Time and time again, those wishing to make a quick profit off the misery of others, post messages on this forum asking where they can obtain information about repossessed houses to buy!

This forum is for the victims of the Repossessed Property Sales Scandal and NOT for those that help perpetuate it!

I will repeat the closing part of my response to the previous postings on this subject.

"When are the lenders going to wake up and realise public perception actually proves the truth of the matter that lenders ARE underselling these reposssessed properties. Otherwise why would people be so desperate to locate them before they are so quickly sold off at a bargain price?"

-- Tony Hayter (Tony@Hayter.com), February 01, 2001.

Actually Hina you may find that due to new case law you could do us all us repossesssion victims a favour. So Hina, if you are informed during any future enquiries re: an advertised property, by an estate agent that they are actually selling it below market value because it has been subject to a repossession, then please post the information on this forum. It may well be proof of deliberately negligent valuation and marketing by the lender that could save a repossession victim many thousands of pounds!

Thank You Hina!

-- Tony Hayter (Tony@Hayter.com), February 01, 2001.

I am obviously not as gracious as the other posters here. People like you looking to profit from our misery make me SICK. I sincerely hope that you never have to suffer a repossession, but since you are buying in West London you obviously have more money than the rest of us will ever have and it's unlikely to happen.

-- Too scared to say (iwasduped@yahoo.com), February 01, 2001.

I think Hina is on a wind up, don't bite guys! Jacky.

-- jacky jones (jones5@btinternet.com), February 01, 2001.

Hina Khan,

I read your request with a question in my mind - is this idiotic person 'taking the proverbial' out of those of us who have BEEN TO and EXPERIENCED the ideal place for you to live. My main reservation is that it would be far, far too hot there - even for a very unpleasant individual like you. You need to learn that there is nothing free in this life and that everything has a price - even sick jokes or selfish greed. I should start saving up now if I were you.

-- Joy Harker (joytelkomstar@bun.com), March 12, 2001.

If you do find somewhere that you can get a repossesion list from please let me know.

It's not our fault everyone else cant pay there fucking mortgage


-- Donna Williams (vodka122@yahoo.co.uk), March 22, 2001.

I would suggest, my dear, that you spend your cash on a basic education. That way when you insult someone in writing, you can at least punctuate correctly and use correct spelling. Silly little girl.

-- Dr.Dolittle (shaftedsideways@yahoo.co.uk), March 22, 2001.

Lets dump the question before we all start getting shirty.

-- Andy Turner (andy.turner@ramesys.com), March 23, 2001.

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