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What is the difference between the core layer and the mantle seems that they both have iron in them. Are there different materials that make these layers up?

-- Randy Rosenthal (, February 01, 2001


The core is made of iron and nickel. the mantle is made of mafic( minerals rich in iron and magnesium) silicate minerals. The difference between them is that the mantle is solid and the outer core is a liquid; the inner core is solid though.

-- AJ Spado (, February 01, 2001.

As Aj already stated that the core is mostly iron, some nickel, sulfur, oxygen, and mantle are iron magnesuim silicate minerals. And Also Professor Gabel mentioned in class that the core and mantle layer. are made up of different chemicals layer

-- Jean E. Theagene (, February 01, 2001.

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