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Can anyone recommend a lab that can do decent prints from 4x5 transparencies (Provia, Astia) at reasonable rates? I am going to shoot some portraits at a family event and I would like both color and ready-load which as we know won't be out from Kodak or Fuji for a couple of months yet. I won't need any serious enlargements, probably nothing larger than 5x7.

Thanks, Peter Shier

-- Peter Shier (, February 01, 2001


Response to Prints from 4x5 transparencies

I have used A&I in Los Angeles for Type R prints from transparencies a few times and have been pleased with the results. I live locally, but I know that they do a lot of mail order business. They also deal with LF film all the time as they are one of the big pro labs here.

-- Richard Ross (, February 01, 2001.

Response to Prints from 4x5 transparencies

How about getting the image scanned and print from the scan? I use Miller's in Pittsburg, KS. They charge $7.50 for a 63 MB scan. I then modify it somewhat in Photoshop & send it to: Very convenient. 4x6's are $.29 each 5x7's are about $.79 8x10's are about $2.75 & 11x14's are $4.19

I just received by UPS overnight an order I placed from them (by internet) on Tuesday for 4 11x14's. Total bill is about $31.00 including about $16.00 for overnight delivery.

It is the 5th order I have placed with them & I am very pleased with the results. The prints are on Kodak Professional Paper. Not an inkjet paper but "real" photographic material.

-- Guy (, February 01, 2001.

Response to Prints from 4x5 transparencies

The Slideprinter in Denver, CO. They only work with transparencies and their quality is very consistent and high. All prints from 4X5 are considered custom. Prices are $16 each for 11X14 and $32 each for 16X20 (standard paper custom R print, matte or glossy). Fiji Supergloss is also available. Most of their business is done through the mail. Their phone number is (303) 698-2962.

-- Lester Moore (, February 01, 2001.

You might want to consider buying one of the Epson photo scanners. I have the Perfection 1200U which scanns up to 4x5 negatives or slides. It scans at a true 1200 dpi. You can get the 1600U for more money if you need the extra dpi. They work well and may be a step in the digital direction you want to go. I also have an epson photo printer that works well with the scanner. Hope this will help you out. I like the idea of the Miller's printing. The cost seems very reasonable. Doug

-- Doug Theall (, February 01, 2001.

Peter, if you haven't taken the photos yet and are planning to print them, why not use neg film and skip out on the digital conversion?

-- Dave Anton (, February 01, 2001.

I would love to use print film but I won't have the time to reload film holders. I will have my camera and strobes set up in a corner of the room and people will be coming over to have their pictures done. I have to do a Polaroid and a "real" picture of each one. There will probably be 30-40 shots with little time in between so readyload is a must. Unfortunately there will be no one to assist or I would just reload the holders. I also doubt that all of the shots will be printed (probably 10-15). I spoke to SlidePrinter and they can do any size up to 8x10 for $10. Another option is to do the Polaroids 4x5 and do the prints in MF (would have to move the sync cord back and forth).

-- Peter Shier (, February 01, 2001.

Holland Photo does machine Cibachromes... very nice the last time I had them do work. out of Austin TX.

-- Scott Walton (, February 02, 2001.

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