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Are there any civil war reenactors on the forum? How do you juggle your hobby between job, farm, family and reenacting?

-- Sandy(FL.) (, January 30, 2001


We don't do Civil War--Rev War is more our thing, or just plain Buckskinning--but you can't have any dairy animals. Mant events have horses, oxen, etc., so you might get away with critters there (maybe a goat in the back of the trailer...???), but many others don't even allow dogs. Finding someone to gather eggs and feed the dogs is not too difficult. We have a lot of church responsibilities, so we don't get out as often as some, but I figure the long stretches between events keep the hobby fresh for us.

-- Leann Banta (, January 30, 2001.

Husband and I have been CW reenactors for almost 30 years..lots of FUN!!!! No problem when we had kids at home, we just all went together..we were both fortunate to have careers which allowed us weekends off, although we took vacation time to make those really big events such as Reunion in Gettysburg, etc....I made my ballgowns (and then let them out at the waist as time went on!)...Since my husbands' accident several years ago, he became unable to skirmish, so we did alot of living history events and of course, the parades!!!! We just recently met some swell folks here in Alabama who reenact, so we are on the move again for this Summers' events....God bless.

-- Lesley (, January 30, 2001.

My husband works for a printing company that does a magazine for CW reenactors called The Camp Chase Gazette. I've read it occasionally when I have to wait for him in the plant and need to stay out of the way. Anyway, if you aren't familiar with it, I will be happy to get you the subscription information on it. I think they will send a sample copy, but don't hold me to it as it's been a while since I read one.

-- marilyn (, February 03, 2001.

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