What religion are you?

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So, to what religion do you ascribe? Why?

-- Sarah (sgates@cnu.edu), January 30, 2001



-- Katie (ktrame@digink.net), January 31, 2001.

Well, as Sarah stated (or at least implied), I'm Catholic. I'm really more of a "bleacher Catholic," as the folks at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel like to say--I'm happy going to midnight Mass at Christmas and Easter morning Mass and that covers my church-going experience for the year. But I believe in God, in Christ, in the Holy Spirit, and the notion that all three of these personas is indeed one and the same deity. (I'll get Msgr. McCarron to explain it to you. He's good at it.) I'm also a bit of a "Dogma Catholic"--I disagree with some of the Vatican's policies, especially the ones on abortion, contraception, and female priests--but all in all, I ascribe to the teachings of Holy Mother Church, especially the biggest lesson--God is love, and receiving that love is the key to eternal life.

I AM upset, however, at the number of hoops the Church is making us jump through to get married at Mt. Carmel...

-- Jeremy (jdwatson@widomaker.com), January 31, 2001.

Well, as to what religion I am its kinda tricky. I was born a baptised Methodist. As of late, however, I am increasingly Catholic. As Jeremy is a "bleacher Catholic", I would classify myself as a "kicking-and-screaming Catholic" I really go about this conversion thing kicking and screaming every other Tuesday. (just ask Jeremy who has to drag me more often than not) I believe in God and all the good thing that he does in my life but damn did he HAVE to invent so much red tape?

-- Jessica (s2jlhitc@titan.vcu.edu), February 01, 2001.


-- The Archangel Mikey G. (mgamache@cnu.edu), February 04, 2001.

Well, that's simple. I believe in God or whatever or whoever you wish to call it/Him.

I was born Methodist, raised Baptist, and really enjoy learning about Buddhism and Catholicism. Paganism is rather cool, too. I really don't care how someone gets to God, etc., be it through Holy Mother Church, some form of protestant church, themselves, enlightment, good magick, or anything else.

You have to find what works best for you and embrace it. It's not the journey that's important; it's the destination.

If nothing else, I think we just need to love each other, because from that all goodness will stem.

-- Treva (SunshineTreva@excite.com), February 05, 2001.

I'm a confirmed Lutheran, but keep leaning more and more towards an Ecumenical stance on things. Although Lutheran Youth retreats are a lot of fun...

-- Casheeish the soon to be regal (bsa_cash@hotmail.com), February 13, 2001.

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