Who remembers the great egg race

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Who remembers the great egg race. I used to love that show when I was younger. It was a similar format : two teams of three in a studio with limited resources that had to build something like a radio-controlled hovercraft etc. in three days. Remember Heinz wolf was the "expert" it was great I'd love to see it re-run. Also can anyone remember "get out of that", where two teams had to complete challenges on a course outside, doing stuff like getting the team across a river etc.

-- Paul Gasson (p.gasson@uea.ac.uk), January 30, 2001


The Great Egg Race was a great show, but nowhere near as good as Scrapheap. Profs Wolfe and Phelps were also good presenters, but Cathy is at LEAST a billion, billion times better.

Get Out of That - was quite good. I remember when they once had an American on a team. One simple puzzle was to get a key out of a glass flask/tube. The way the producers intended it to be done was to put a ping-pong ball in the small bottom hole. Close it off and pour water into it. The keys should then have floated to the top on the ball. A proper elegant 'kids' science solution. However the American guy could not work it out, he just kept hitting the glass with a rock until it smashed. He still got the key I suppose. By the way I'm not anti US or George Gray or anything - although Robert is much better and Scrapheap is slightly better than Junkyard Wars


-- C C (washorrified@another.com), February 01, 2001.

The Great Egg Race programme also spawned a series of at least 4 books of 'egg races' which are great for parties, get togethers, etc. So instead of a re-run why not have a go at the real thing - the problem is I can not remember the name of publisher or books. I think the first two were 'Egg Races' and 'More Egg Races' (original or what). If anyone has any info on them I would be pleased to hear as I am trying to track down all 4. Searches using Heinz Wolfe and Egg Races produce no results. Anyone know if they are still in print and where I can get hold of them.

-- Trevor Steed (trev.steed@btopenworld.com), October 03, 2002.

Hi if you are really a fan of the "Egg Race" you may be interested to know that it is still alive and kicking in the Thamesway region!!! Prof. Heinz Wolff runs it for interested parties but my involvement has been through the IMechE Young Members Panel in the Thamesway region. He is still inventing interesting and humourous projects and if you are a company or group of students, engineers or scientists then you'd be more than welcome to put in a team of four or five. The event usually runs in October each year at Oxford Brookes University Wheatley Campus.....hence my involvement. Interested parties should contact Mark Roper the secretary to the Thamesway IMechE Young Members at mroper@easynet.co.uk All welcome :o) I'm sure that Heinz would be glad to direct you to the books as well. You might even get him to sign them.

-- Douglas Higgison (gdhiggison@brookes.ac.uk), May 28, 2003.

I was two years old.

-- I was two (Iwas2@Iwas2.com), August 07, 2003.

I liked the great egg race, it was ace!

-- Boris Fanglewart (borisfanglewart@hotmail.com), September 29, 2003.

I eat proffessors

-- (eggballs@scrotumonline.com), September 29, 2003.

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