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I found your site during a search of distance learning & Transpersonal Psychology programs. I am considering entering into a Master's program in Transpersonal Psychology for the purpose of supporting my work with men's groups and running couple's support groups (in my spare time). I do not seek to become a licensed counselor, psychologist, etc. I do not intend to pass myself off as a degreed professional counselor or anything like that. And, cost is major factor. I simply want the learning experience and the recognition of that experience (a degree).

I am considering the University for Transpersonal Studies, a non-accredited organization headed by Dr. Irv Katz. Have you heard of them?

Are there any low-cost, yet sound universities offering degrees in this subject area?

Thanks so much for your help,


-- K. Kristensen (, January 30, 2001


You might try contacting Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona. They have distance programs where you dedsign your own degree and do it with mentors from your own community. I am working on a BA in TP at the moment, from another city. They are fully accredited so offer Federal Financial Aid and Grants and others. Good Luck!

-- Linda Focht (, March 10, 2001.

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