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Hi there

I am a recent Software Engineering graduate and I have been asked as my first major project (gulp!) to develop a database application using VB and SQL Server. It has been suggested to me to develop my database in MS Access and upgrade to SQL Server as I have Access experience but no SQL Server experience. Is this the best solution, are there any problems with doing this (maintenance etc) and if I develop the database using Access 2000, what version of SQL Server do I need to upgrade the database too? I can develop the database using Access 97 if that is easier.

Many thanks in advance.

Gillian :)

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2001



My advice is simply to skip the Access and start with the latest version of SQL Server that your employer will accept. (Many businesses want to avoid a Microsoft product until the first service pack has been released. At this point SQL Server 2000 does not yet have a service pack.)

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, January 31, 2001

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