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I was asked a question about why someone's thermal cube didn't work properly in turning on a heat source in a pumphouse. I can't find the post. I would like to tell whoever wrote me that I have an idea, which I just learned from a clever dude at the plumbing/electric store here.

He says, and it makes good sense, that if you use a heat lamp, or anything else with a large power requirement, and don't use a large enough cord on it, the cord will get warm enough to "trick" the thermal cube into thinking the pumphouse is warm, and won't turn on the juice to the heat lamp. Result: pipes will freeze.

The person who wrote me said her thermal cube appearec to turn on at 35 degrees, but didn't stay on. This could be why.


-- jumpoffjoe (, January 29, 2001


JOJ, what would happen if the extension cord was considerably undersized?

-- Lynn Goltz (, January 30, 2001.

If the cord is undersized, it could warm-up a considerable amount.

A lot of fires start when folks plug their electric space heater into those cheapo brown or white cords and then run the heater wide open for hours at a time. There's too much internal resistance in a small cord for a large amount of amperage.

Be safe & sane when playing with electricity.


-- j (, January 30, 2001.

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