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My boyfriend and I will be moving to south central Alaska in a few months for new jobs. Does anyone out there live in the Seward - Moose Pass area? With our current $$ situation, we're going to have to find a cabin/house to rent for the two of us and our dog. Does anyone have any leads? Also, are there any community gardens or veggie farms in the area that wouldn't mind a little help from time to time? (I need to get my gardening fix, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to put in a garden wherever I end up!)I'd love to hear from any of you. Wish me luck!

-- Renee (, January 29, 2001


Even though Im from Anchorage I can tell you a bit about the Seward area, its a really pretty area very lush and green so you shouldnt have too much trouble with a garden. The climate is relatively mild because its right on the ocean and the water temps mitigate some of the colder weather.

On the downside though Sewards being on the water means its fairly damp, they can also get an godawful amount of snow from time to time during the winter. I dont know where you're coming from, but bring a snowblower, shoveling that much snow sucks.

The town of Seward is relatively small compared to Anchorage but there is a road going up to Anchorage if you need to get some serious shopping done, the trip takes about 2 hours or so (I think, its been a long time). I've only been in the town a couple of times but I liked it, its got a friendly "feel to it"

Hope it helps a bit.


-- Dave (Ak) (, January 31, 2001.

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